Yoga in Bed - Gentle Morning Stretch and Meditation (15 Minutes)

Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward - This is a 15-minute gentle morning yoga class you can do in bed! We do simple stretching and movement to gently wake up the body; and we spend a few minutes on mindful breathing. At the end of the practice, we do a short meditation and intention-setting to get you ready for your day. Download this video to your device so you can practice offline and keep the video forever! Click here: to the channel. It's FREE! :)leave your feedback or questions in the COMMENTS below. I love hearing from you!Make a donation! Help me createmore videos! i appreciate your support. :)with me!WEBSITE: - personal- yogaEmail: maris@yogaupload.meSign up for my Email Newsletter:my latest video: "Post-Workout Yoga Stretch | No Mat | 15 Minutes"

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