WOH Mera BABA Hai - BK Song - Prita majumdar - Prakash Raj - BK Vivek.

Beautiful BANJO in Music. Please View in FULL Screen.This Divine LOVEFUL Meditation song sung so well for Brahma Kumaris, is in your Service in this Sangam Yug whose Every Second Every Breath is Most Precious.Our Supreme Father, ParamPita, ParamAtma Shiv ShivPita ShivBaba Baba Allah God Jehovah is ONE for All Souls, The SUPREME Light. HE is AVAILABLE Now, only Once in Confluence Age/Sangam Yug in Entire Kalp of 5000 Years when World has degraded most in this Iron Age/Kalah Yug.Connect to him DIRECTLY through RajYog Meditation at Brahma Kumaris in @9000 Centers in @138 Countries without any mediator. Once you learn it, it will BE entirely in your Hands to remain CONNECTED with Supreme....No Conflicts...No Worries...No Fear...No Tension...No Depression....No Addictions...ONLY FEELING OF LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ONENESS.Om Shanti.

But I guess it's for the greater good, I mean Destiny, right!?!

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Battle 3

Em Caill

Do this with kids toys like a wiffle ball or a small plastic hockey 🏒 stick

Ayaan Mahor



Time to make some fucking chimichangas.

Etta n Lucy the best


Kevin Taylor

Omg the dog barking the tune at the end! I love it!

umer choudhry

1% r 67% of people in the comment section claiming 2 be a physopath


Matt and Wade’s confirmation was all I needed now I am complete

mgl wulf

i don't care a small video your video is always great

Amaris Valdez

You should make a palette about your dogs. Showing like what you call them and how they mean to you

Francis Ecleo

who the panda (inside the mascot)

2026.Leo Sweet

Team You lost

Bj Johnson382

60 yard bomb

Awkward_ Bomb

Guru, the amount of work and effort you put into your vids are astounding

Tita Moran

Why is her nose starting to look fat again



@theturdinators it's fake


It's the internet. Why would anyone give a flying fuck about typing properly?


They show Aiden on the news with his bandana on.  And then when Nicky sees him without his bandana, he is a whole diffrent person.


no child developers make this game on pc


One more


There was wood in the fire pit😑


Your speed is TREMENDOUS 😂


i think alot of people wiuld not like you narating. not because of your voice, but because reading is alot easier to understand for most people who dont primarily speak english. just my opinion though

Fer ag

No se si sea así, pero yo percibí que este es un vídeo para concientizar sobre el uso de muchos placebos que te distraen del aquí y ahora! Juan Pa, gracias por inspirar.


who else is waiting for the superbowl?


Your videos are the most entertaining I recently found on youtube, dont ever stop doing this comps man! =D

lets play games lol

Panda is unbeatable

Cole Stinson

GO CANADA🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


The threepeat!

jon m

Sur do you know that there is a pikchu in you front seat


I'm literally eating a chocolate bar while watching this video 😂 thanks, it's a helpful video though.. although I'm gonna keep eating this

Carly Gossett

dawmitt i thouhght that would work..

Yesh Dahiya

I just love ❤️ twin brother 😍😍👌😍😍😍




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