WLT - Cloud Control - Gold Canary

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Hugo Morales

Btw love halo and minecraft 👍

Arman Almassian

Iḿ commenting from school dude


Try to do a paper airplane dogfighting challenge, look it up on the paper plane man

Tredell McGriff

1. Stephen Curry


My name is joseph and I have all these symptoms

Thomas Liburd 45678

This husband is the GOAT

Hockey Fan


Thelast billygoat2

Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Darth vader😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

William Weir

Much respect on tony .......

ninjatrey amwoza

You idiots that's only a 5 wat there is so many lasers that you can create or even by stronger than that the only reason its hard to get one is because the government limit is 4 wats

Mickell Stobbs

So she's got more powers WHY I THOUGHT HER SIS WOULD HAVE ONE 😢😢😢


Мягче запускать надо. И на концах крыльях заворачивать углы вперёд чтобы он при падении вниз выравнивался

TinyLegend Rice verified

17:20 men in tasty


Its so fucking amazing! And a great song, too!

Natsu Dragnnel

algum Br?


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