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WHY ME? WHY HERE? WHY NOW? by Mike George

Mike George is a spiritual teacher, author and motivational speaker.For the last twenty three years he has coached, guided and facilitated the personal and spiritual development of people in companies, communities and corporations worldwide. In a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, Mike brings together the three key strands of 21st century -- emotional/spiritual intelligence, leadership development and continuous learning.His publications, now in 15 languages, include Learn to Relax, The 7 AHA!s of Highly Enlightened Souls, Learn to Find Inner Peace and In the Light of Meditation. He is Director of the Spiritual Intelligence Unit ( and Founder of The Relaxation Centre. ( seminars and retreats are renowned for the balance between fascination and fun, depth and dialogue, laughter and lightness.

AllThings HipHop

So many foreigners... wow... and why are we worried about mexicans?

G4B Aizers

Qui vient de la vidéo d'amixem.😁😁

Denise Allison Schneider


Mark Martin


Want some Bleach?


Jungshooked Ashley

The mother is dumb like if you agree


Your videos always make me happy, keep up the good work!

Alison Armstrong

She said when she was sick she couldn’t speak how did she speak to the doctor two hours later

Kishinuma Ayumi

studio ghibli movies are filled with ASMR.. it's one of the reasons I love them

and peggy

I thought this was a homophobic video and i was sprung

Albert Villaroman

thats not a baby, that's a clump of cells


Lady’s and gentle men I like to present you it’s a bazooka 😮

Trans Meme


Kitty Kat

Pause at jaiden’s DO NOT LOSE LIST (1:07)

Yeety McSkeety

Thought he would go on Vikings but I with he would go to the packers

Demons S

How do you find these out

Terah Torres

I fucking love you and your videos

Nathan Sered

The red ranger sucks


What about Golden Freddy from Five nights at Freddy's?


its to ugly the place

Law: am i a joke to you?

Sam D

Surely thats just sped up? :L

Isiah Lafontaine

Haha your mums gay

It pushes to not want to talk to people just because it's hard and they may find you awkward.


You guys should do a bro mo of soda


How did you tell the story

Jannet Segundo

Omg si que estuvo interesante

Car Guy

It was the same story in bright side! :o

*kill them kitty*

Lilak Soriano Bordahi

Dang the lady that used to go to your high school just snatched the money out of your hand

Austin Barr



how do you do this? unbelievable

Justin Gilardian

This gone be the new joint for summer 2K19🔥💯


Epilepsy much?

mgl wulf


Nicolo Leblanc

2018 anybody

Itsme Beauty

I get why He would take his Life which Isnt right But why would he take the Step mothers life that SICK BAS** Like what she do. She just witnessed her own murder and The kids plus a family member just witnessed 2 DEATHS

Nightbird The Tepig

Angry German kid was playing this! He said "unreal" but I don't know if he said tournament... ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Friends friends Friends

WWE Masters

Pause at 1:01 at the right time...

I exist.

#YIAYjob Getting another sponsor for today’s video!

Ákos Koppány

Next sport:WORKOUT😂😂💪💪

Hype Maker

Cody wore a cavs and warriors jersey in this video

Kaelyn Stalter

I’m fine with death. If I’m going to go, I’m going to go fighting. I’d rather die young and a hero, saving a life, than living knowing I could’ve done so much more. Death is never the end, whether you just dream, whether you go to heaven or hell, or whether you get reincarnated, a miracle could always happen. You’re never fully considered dead until you’re heart stops for good, which is a hard thing to tell. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.


Brother: Lets play our secret game I love you Namjoon


They should have turned the lights down low for the invisible part because you could see there shadows

PegasusCrawford Channel

Of course no splinter cell

Joe Scott

why did cody eat Me?

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