Why me...? Karma or Destiny!- talk by BK Shivani at Pune on 13th Sept 2014

This video is Brahma Kumaris event took place at Ganesh Kala Krida hall, Swargate, Pune on 13th Sept 2014 7:00am to 9:am


Why did it come to me as a surprise that guru has an HTC vive...

it says that in the beginning of the mission.




Number 5 is a reference to How it should've ended: Assassin Creed.

policy car 113

Wolf King

Please make another season like 4 it was so cool! I miss it (please unvault the pump I miss it)

the Ghost i lost my pass cause didn't use phone

is a shark a megalodon shark

Foxy Gammer

At the last second the red team used there hand

Ryan Dix

Tyler did every shot

Sandeep Royal

it is just osm.......

Iron Wolf4000

They make lefty’s like me look bad

Quinn Grant

Can't wait for the Ready Player One video the movie was amazing

Atul Singh

You know what Tyler's motto is that never let others win

Harper animations

i dont think i have realized this but i think i have the same thing but not very bad because i will freak out and start crying if i feel unclean and have to take a shower but its hard at school i just put the hand soap all over my face and someone walks in and they think im crazy :((((

Drew Senna

Meanwhile me phone rings "Mom, who the hell is this? Can you please answer it for me?"

Eddi Praetorius

holy shit

Sharlet David

loving guys

A Disease

ik this has nothing to do w the video but my eblow hurts and i didnt even hit it on something bruh

TubeThe OreoMeme

The 1st watchable game movie I had a panic attack once at 11pm for the next week, tears would drip down my face for the stupidest reasons. Every time I thought about depression I would feel like I was about to cry. Then one day I was in the art room in my grandmas house and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I cried. And cried. I don’t feel like this much anymore but this video makes me want to.

Talos (whatever the rest of the name was)

Haley Wright

my big sister was stillborn and i cry about it all the time bc i wish i had a big sister


Marvel avengers a day is higher on trending

Sick Mondo



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