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White Stallion, Cloud Running - Children's Bedtime Story/Meditation

This is a very relaxing sleepy meditation that should put anyone to sleep, even parents ;)Your child will relax, let go of any worries or concerns and fall fast to sleep happy!Support Me Become A Patron visit my online Ajna Store to purchase exclusive meditations for download! FaceBook - Ask to join Corys ConsciousLiving to meet conscious friends!Instagram - LoveInFlow for Healthy Recipes!Music - Zen Meditation Spar Music

MPB 727

Guru back at it again with the amazing music

Nedaa vevo1

Goood 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💎

Jackie Bankus

Make a shot from mount Rushmore that would be sick

Squidy 2874

? = spin again

Teegan and Tianna


l e s b i a n uwu so hah adoption it is

Vizzie Loto

If I was u,he would've had his head stuck on a sphere....WOMAN UP GURLLL!!

grisel Kirk

FunWithGuru ➕ Do U Have A Gamin Channel

Kremit The Phrog

1st song is mario theme

Mystery Odin


Luke Bertrand

Where are u guys. It looks like cosmic air

ricardo gonzales

that's a lie


Commenting before the vid, if they dont have the mom arm i will be very disappointed


I would never want to face either of these guys in Beer Pong! =D

Squid Animations

Lol, i just watched Mr Beast's version XD

Stiifl .9

Best video ever Ps I watched this in 2019

Jaydon Morrison

2018 anyone?

Ricardo Garcia

That looks fun

Lexi Chan


Brad Gordon

do Metro Last light?

mad gaming

cilly chicken

cheese89 89

Since when was rape allowed on YouTube?

uncle grandma

Dobule rider

Hallie Joy

There is such a thing as adoption

Pj Kay

Holy shit

Leo Mendoza

Dude perfect can you meat John Wall from the Washington Wizatds?

Blue Birb

Guru, your videos are great and why not do a QnA?

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