we got history / lofi study playlist

hi guys guess which drama i just finished LOL i have a bunch of names for playlists on one of my ig stories but my phone is locked on forest im not tryna kill trees so ill change the title of this later... if u have name suggestions lmk and ill credit you!edit; ok i changed the title partial creds to @mnsooo_ on insta!!for those of u who didnt know the original title was a love so beautiful bc i couldnt think of anything else but yaaa rich brian reference nowxxcaitlin#lofi #study #jazzhop1. 0:00aqualina & Biosphere - Life Goes On2. 2:02aura – sunset breeze3. 4:29Alone – domo4. 9:53Solace – dkvm5. 14:45Since we met - burbank6. 17:23hypnosis- jaomock7. 20:20hentaidesu ... / i'm fine.8. 22:45mt.tkovr. - breakfast and lunch9. 24:53anton - dan bodan10. 26:55blissful negligence – steaminwaffles11. 29:45monty datta – childhood memories12. 32:58Remember that one time…silky soap13. 41:12I don’t wanna be alone anymore but I don’t wanna love anyone else - ブロックル14. 43:26Midnight jam sesh – aqualina15. 45:34W00ds – cloud driftinedit creds to yotsu on youtube ~is ocean waves i think

Tommy Henry

Me to

I was like: whaaaat?


hahaha great outro

Susan Simma



I <3 YOU

Jack Pack

This has to become a real olympic game and should be played worlwide

James Johnson

Not that's alsome my bro can too althe back back of our friends drive way

my dream is to be a cabin crew

dont be scared tell your parents also the police and every thing well be fine

Summer Anderson

Am I the only one who thinks that their best vids are the battles and overtime?


2019 anyone.

Ержан Кулбаев

Еріккендер ай.Жақсы нәрсе түсірмейсіндерма ешактар

Zerø 0080

U just saw lele at 5:04

BigEars Gaming

Plz subscribe to

Max Well



this will be my wedding song


Frozen fan🤘

ben Campbell

Team coby all the way

Chloe Anderson


Gacha rose Life

wait This story was already been told on another story thing they stooled this story

Ruben Ronquillo

How about the name of the team of cody and luke be RED BROS. Hope you guys like the name.

X5 cj jyme

I nearly killed my bully but he was still alive and he is now afraid of me he got weaker and I was stronger than him

Turtle The great

Guru with the saving pvt Ryan thing it can also be found on world at wars Mission "Semper Fi" in a hut we're if you shoot the Japanese soldier attacking Private Ryan you get the acheivement

Harry Stevens

I think I found Shia la beouf in a forest in Velen East side of the map

Fantastic cow37 37

Don’t hurt the snowman they have feelings to


14:30 - Totally not modeled after Sif from Dark Souls...definitely not

Crumpet Snail

The houses spell guru yes I watched the 100th guru episode


Those Cheesy Winger Dingers are pretty good


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