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Wayne Dyer - Morning Ah Guided Meditation for Manifesting Afirmations

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El Alex Vloguero

#15 trending I Mexico

Murray McGregor


But as you guys have pointed in the comments, this story is VERY similar to this video from Wansee Entertainment:, who credits this video from “Being Scared” as the original:, who credits even other people. So before we do anything else we’re going to contact these two channels so we can hopefully find out where the story actually comes from and credit the original.

Mxddzn productionz


Amy Carter


Jin Imm Ong


NWickman 4

2018 anyone

Caleb Fuller

no what saved you is modern day medicine and chance not family and all that bull shit!

oof hockey


Truong Nguyen Xuan

Yes has plane



Arup Das


Renando Yacoub

Do you guys play fifa

Just a Meerkat

You guys should go to Miami! It’d be fun to explore😝

Aiden Pass

I swear if they kill off Zelda, or if I have to save her again I... Will... Flip Out.


I'm assuming you didn't include things such as the space jam level or the ghostbusters gun since they're not easter eggs, but side missions. This is an awesome game, folks.

Dillon Tellone

Watching in 2019? Plz like and sub to me

nikeshorts0 7


James Todd


rajiv mehra

what lovely video

Tomas Moran

Was his last name Rivera

super Xuân Việt dinosaur

They are no trick shots,just skill games in FIFA

Isabella_ Todoroki

😭😭😭thats super sad

Sunset Calypso

Everytime he uploads I drop everything just to watch what he made. Can't say that for a lot of people I watch

Austin Cutway

Why doyouplaywithglass


In the Emily is away game type Password123 as your user name and now you will gain access to all the hidden profile pics

Smashsplatnite hitbox

Good for you Random girl

Rowena Tabat


Ryersen Black

I love your videos with celebrity's

Mace 2.0

How long youve been doing YouTube?

Ryder Smyser

How Doe's tiler keep winning

seeking owl

in the last game can u noclip and see da ghosts


Gimme a like if you want to see Camping Stereotypes!

Delphine Tan

1:09 @bg music: the yodeling kid has made a comeback

IskanDAR ReGaRskIY

Не ужели я один среди 82 миллионов)??

Official CoZy

that samurai though!!!


dat Doom one doe

Michalis Gavalas

1:19 he was given the n-word pass.

Brian Lawrence

1 subscribe for me for 1 subscribe for you


Warriors just wanted to do a 3-1 comeback to redeem themselves for the lebron incident

L Marsh



Yes it did


what does "unused" easter egg mean


I dont know why but your accent sounds a bit like germany xD

Sahas Koka

People who dislike have no heart

I just remembered all the good times with the last of us's story

우린 태양 아래

Filmon filmon

Owwwww myyyyyy Goooooooooooooood, he has an atomic bomb of Energy.

Emiliano Rabago

This is kinda dumb

But does anyone else think she sounds 12?

TurquoiseShark 59

Tyler had a better pose

har vin

Man i want to kill myself

GodLikeSkills Krew

1:42 I pissed myself

Beth Woodfin

My dad went to Texas A&M and saw you guys🙀I was so excited because I watch every single video you make

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