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Hello my blog

Voices of The Night (BEAUTIFUL CHILLOUT MIX) يا ليـــــل

Chillout Mix Photo taken by Karim TaibCourtyard of Bin Yousef Medersa in Marrakech,

gael salazar

How come you haven’t posted like in a month

Hood my unmann'd blood, bating in my cheeks,

Kelly Angelo Solero

Nooooooooooo... anything but the plant😢😢😢😷

A Smg

Such bulkshit she doesn’t wake up with stormi or do anything with her for that matter 😂 she has a bunch of nannies. In one video stormi was talking and looking at the Nannie rather than Kylie .... girl why you gotta lie about everything from plastic surgery to nannies 😑 ... I used to like Kylie but she’s so fake hope the kar-Jenner’s fade out soon haven’t watched in forever and this pops up wtf ... not a fan of Kylie after I really saw all the plastic surgery transformations I used to be in denial they’re all greedy liars ... such selfish people ... and look at that scandal they all cheated with women’s men and home wrecked but when it happened to Khloe it was the end of the world hypocrites... retire already I don’t want my daughter looking up to these fake greedy superficial women #rantover. Ps they all had to have a kid with black men smh trying to all act black expect for kourtney meanwhile they don’t have to get discriminated like a black person in the USA 😑😩 I’m over them ✋🏻 and do you guys notice how they always play with their hair and constantly check their makeup soooo fucking shallow 🤢 if you’re commenting some hateful shit sticking up for them beat it you’re a follower/sheep and you’re shallow as well ✌️


Metaman Gaming

You are my fav Easter egg hunter. Keep it up!

G Drippy

I love your video keep up the good marvelous work

_Pasta _

Whens cobys bithday


Idk if you realised or not but Jesse Plemons fiancé is Kirsten Dunst from Spider-Man and other films. You might know that already but idk you didn't put it in the video you just called her his fiancé



Redy's Tedy

Im Bipolar too , but slowly I get to controle it . With love from India



Johnny Taylor

you should do a video with Mike trout in the Angel's stadium


For the Gears of War easter egg when you shoot in the center of the pipes, you don't have to shoot. Just simply aiming will make Marcus yell: Hellooo! Once you kill the huge golden chicken, I noticed that vehicles, like the helicopter that shows up, are golden. Also, killing that golden chicken spawns a cluckshot that is hidden somewhere there :j

Piper Tudhope

where's Garrett.?


100% mr feeling

Travis Wheeler


Raiden Sugiyama

Im looking around for fun with guru easter eggs on his easter egg video which is about his own easter eggs hidden in his other easter egg videos

Yusek Garcia

Happy 10M subs


This is one of my favorite FFs of all time and I'm extremely happy for this, but does Rinoa's head/hair during the fight sequences look weird to anybody else?

Liliane Da silva fernandes santos

Esse truque e máximo ia coisa os olhos em ele ta sendo pro

Ina Ric

Very nice

Adrian Banda

Love the music but this trailer is no different than the last other than a clip lol

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