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Vaya's Rainbow Kittens Find Joaquin- Children's Bedtime Story/Meditation

Vaya's rainbow kittens are now one step closer to their final destination... With the help of a special angel cat called Scrambles, the kittens find their way to Joaquin :) This is a sweet relaxing story that addresses fears of thunderstorms and how to help them go away :)Music... Zen spa meditation musicSupport Me Become A Patron visit my online Ajna Store to purchase exclusive meditations for download! FaceBook - Ask to join Corys ConsciousLiving to meet conscious friends!Instagram - LoveInFlow for Healthy Recipes!


Shameless Weeb

Anyone else watching in 1920

Pomo Plays


DJ Khalid at 2:09 .

•Shu Kurenai•

I almost read the title as "I escaped to my country"

uwu idk.

Fuck...i felt that pain.

heypeaches *

the thought of there being a superhero dry cleaners remind me of that cartoon network short where most of their characters did their laundry at the same place


Why does this strike a cord with me it basically describes me do I need help ?

Rocio Perez-Varela

or bubble rap battle

Brian Garton

How are you not 500 pounds!?!?!? That looks phenomenal.

Edit: 8 likes? Wow! The most I've ever had!

Helen Beardmore

clicks on vid All your stupid exes, they gon' call again 

TARDIS MAN 111111111

Ohh Gloria.

Billyboy 5973

Hey that last Easter egg is very similar to the one black ops 2 on the map Raid u can find it in the house to the left of the cars :)


Ty 12Cody 4Cory 4Garrett 3Coby 1!!!

A massive Weeb

Wow. I assumed breaking the room with the crowbar would trigger some kind of half life 3 parody or a bunch of head crabs would jump at you

Five ten Six eleven

My grandpa was addicted to alcohol for 10 years and now he’s alcohol free for 2years today.


yall should do jump rope trick shots

bella katab

how many turtles were killed in the making of this Video

Ronak Aggarwal

5:33 me studying for finals

Guy: it consumed and I became homeless

Zoya Sohail

I had just put in harry potter for my sister to watch!!!!

Blue Universe

You guys get me inspired

TheGoproBro Dudley

Awesome+trying to be cool=this :p

Talan Dasdemir

7 years later, sick guns, awesome environments, even more badass enemies and Claptrap? Me:what???

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