Ujjayi Breathing + Letting Go of Pain or Anxiety (Meditation)

Release and let go of pain, tension, and anxiety with this quick meditation featuring pranayama (breath work). Meditation and Ujjayi breathing are generally safe, but as always, if anything is painful or uncomfortable, STOP. If you have ANY questions or concerns about an exercise/movement, talk to your doctor or other healthcare or fitness professional. I cannot answer individualized questions via email or in the comments below.❤ ❤ ❤Suggested EO pairing:Are you an essential oil user? If so, consider placing a drop of sandalwood EO on your forehead before beginning this routine. Dilute with a carrier oil to prevent skin sensitivity. ❤ ❤Additional links and resources:Get email updates! out my book, "Lady Bits:" Things I love: channel: Don't miss my playlists!Website: page: ❤ ❤FemFusion Fitness: Eat clean. Move every day. Shine brighter!VIDEO CREDIT:HD video stock footage of sparkling waves from www.videezy.com

Lucas Franssen

Who’s the person that says “dude perfect” in the very beginning of all your videos?

Travis Cunningham

You go👍



epIc toE CoNnsumer ;

Oh yeah yeah

Blooper Tron

I’m watching this in 2018 and they are sooooo different


Who noticed the background music is the same from the Minecraft trailer


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Love these Easter egg vids they're so interesting. Been a sub since like 50k and I always wondered how you find these Easter eggs? Do you just looks them up or have you actually found some on your own?



Luke McKay

I'm so tired of Ty winning. I hate him. I want him to go die.

Alaye Wadley

this proves nothing theagic of editing dnt u think

Elif Sevik

I wonder there will be a 3 episode? Because I really want to watch 3 episode. Actually I want to learn what happened at the end of the story

Technical Difficulties

It hurt to see you eat that.

Turtlez R da best

Why is grandma black?!? XD

VolcanicGuy 545


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Eric Wotton

I guess I don't really see what he did wrong. Looked like he was trying to help... No?

Vinicius Castro

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Lucia Raznjevic

oh my god this happens to me too😢😢😭

Josh Keith’s Informational Videos

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Randal A. Aaberg MD

wtf does unused easter eggs mean


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