Tzu Chi - Walking Meditation Song - Tranquil 靜寂清澄

Walking Meditation Song or Walking Around the Buddha Meditation Song that is heard at various Tzu Chi events. A tranquil, calming song, it is played as we conduct walking meditation exercises and sometimes as beautiful background music (BGM).We focus on walking in lines with our footsteps synchronized and in harmony with other sisters and brothers, e.g., left foot..right foot..turn..etc. Focus on the beat or rhythm of the song.Note the small knocking sound of the wooden device indicating when our right foot should make contact with the ground.Much gratitude to Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and Jionghongfor use of this song for Tzu Chi education and training purposes. Gan En+(Rev. 2015.06.10) Orig. 891v ul 2015.02.21

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