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Two Hours of Worship Piano - performed and recorded by Dan Musselman.You can support this ministry by purchasing sheet music and recordings from my website, subscribe!Please follow me on Facebook at on Apple Music: on Spotify: and performed by Dan Musselman.- "What a Beautiful Name" by Hillsong Worship4:56 - "Real Love" by Hillsong Young and Free9:39 - "It Is Well" by Bethel Music14:43 - "In Over My Head" by Bethel music and Jenn Johnson18:18 - "There Is a Cloud" by Elevation Music23:50 - "Do It Again" by Elevation Music29:56 - "Elohim" by Hillsong Worship34:17 - "When the Fight Calls" by Hillsong Young and Free39:33 - "The Garden" by Kari Jobe44:58 - "I Will Sing" by Kari Jobe49:20 - "Starlight" by Bethel Music55:01 - "Extravagant" by Bethel Music1:01:02 - "Glorious Day" by Passion1:05:48 - "Yahweh" by Elevation Music1:10:48 - "O Come to the Altar" by Elevation Music1:15:23 - "You're Gonna Be OK" by Bethel Music and Jenn Johnson1:18:54 - "Mention of Your Name" by Bethel Music and Jenn Johnson1:24:49 - "Your Word" by Hillsong Worship1:29:46 - "Here As In Heaven" by Elevation Music1:34:46 - "There's No Other Name" by Bethel Music1:39:59 - "Gravity" by Bethel Music and Brian Johnson1:44:56 - "Miracles" by Jesus Culture1:50:05 - "As It Is (In Heaven)" by Hillsong Worship#InstrumentalWorship#PrayerMusic#PianoWorship

Russel Jones


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Him: I don’t want to be with you


I’m a Warriors fan but I’ll give the Toronto fans a pass. I think they recognize that they shouldn’t have cheered for an injury. They are new at being in a championship series, aren’t they? They were expecting to win tonight, so were caught up in the excitement.


Robin Williams vs Jim Cummings

Devon Palmer

The biggest Easter egg for me is that I found out I could still feel emotions.




Blake Mansfield

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Galaxy Gacha Fox

Well, without anxiety, I probably wouldn't have met my bff. I wanted to be a YouTuber so if at least be popular somewhere. (I was and still am bullied at school) and then I met my bff from YouTube. And more people! I've met many people from YouTube who care about me! Anxiety is my friend. It goes pretty easy on me. It lets me be happy most of the time.

Amy Rykal


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You know one time I was passing by there and i heard the chanty and I was like what the hell


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Sandi Roybal

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The Me: "..."

Two, since people will be asking about the name did you start the channel when you were legally classed as a "kid"

small hope

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