Turkey Talk -Sounds of Nature 9 of 59 - Pure Nature Sounds 11 Hours

11 Hours - Turkey Talk -Sounds of Nature 9 of 59 - Pure Nature SoundsDownload all sounds:(650+ hours of mp3's!) More:1 Tropical RainJungle RiverBirdsong A Tropical Rain Forest Twilight Pig Frogs Backwater Chorus Jungle Birdsong Turkey Talk Hoots and Howls11 CricketsBig River Stream-side Songbirds Small Rapids Crickets and Water I Jungle RiverSmall Rapid Waterfall Showers Thunder and Rain Heavy Rain Thunderstorm Out in the Fields Thunderstorm Inner Perspective Electrifying Thunderstorms Deep Woods Songbirds Wilderness Rain-shower Frog Chorus Crickets and Wolves Cicadas Midnight Serenade Crickets and Water II Pleasant Beach Low Tide Big Surf Pebble Beach Gentle Ocean Low Tide Ocean Relaxing Surf Ocean Waves Pebble Beach Ocean Waves Pleasant Beach Pacific Surf and Songbirds Predawn Rain with Pigmy Owl Marsh Sparkling Water Brookside Birds Bobwhite Dover and CardinalsStreamside Songbirds Small Green Froggies Water Frogs Frog Chorus Froggies Heavy Rain with Rolling Thunder Long Soothing Rain Rainshowers used:Yathin S Krishnappa (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (via Wikimedia CommonsAudio by GaiaAudio was extended with original source being found at:

Abdullah Noman

!!!!!Mind Blown Hats Off!!!!!!!


I hope dragon ball super puts more Easter eggs in their episodes

Frank Carroll

Because of the 1.21 gigawats?

StickBot 3000

Do you Splatoon the fact that you are awesome


they should skydive and shoot

June heavens

Umm.....I love this Peter he looks better...😍😘

Kid2 Football

wow guys!!

Aary Hinge

Cody shouldshave beard

Claire Karcher

Attention!!!!!YOU ARE NOT UGLY YOU ARE Beautiful don’t forget that you are who you are and what you want to be so don’t put pressure into your shoulders

Abdullah Talib

Feeling happy for this kid and happy with the behaviour of dude perfect

Abha Siddiqui

Please do a review of luscious cosmetics. :)


Easter eggs in videos about easter eggs.

Ukzev Kiiitonen

01:16 thats a big boner

Matthew Cipriano

You could use a baseball field

Josiah Payne

Did anyone apologize to the yellow shirt lady. She got some serious whiplash!

Saida Yusuf

dude perfect is perfect


This shit is so fake and fabricated. Like this bitch wakes up with perfect makeup on, takes a shower and looks exactly the same. Setting fake ideals and expectations for women here i guess.

Gamer Catman

Memes LeBrOn JaMeS, bop, ooooooooof, oh wait one more ME

Stephen Solazzo

Jesus is always the answer tyler

Alejandro Jiménez

Awesome video as always my friend, I don't know if it's a good idea to say this... but I hope you don't change nor the format nor the edition on your videos, I think they're one of the best among youtubers, and as always thanks for the effort :)

FortNite_ Clips

U shaved ur beer ty

Louise Murphy

meet me after school and ill buy you some chips ;))


My dog was going to eat my dick but the next day later he passed alway

Antonio Napoletano


Sherwin Maningas

That happened to me on One Day all numbers are all around my thoughts and I was trying to solve them But i cant But im still good at math Atleast im Safe That its only one day Bipolar


Wendy’s all the way!

Rylan DeHaai

Play a horror game on VR

Im ouija

Guru do you have steam because if so do you think you could do a thing with the fans plz


Whats the name of the game on 4:20?

🐶 Doggy Days 🐶

who drew this? could u please add some of their social media if they have any because THIS IS AMAZING!

fucking ptichka

Man. City💙💙💙


Not only this song is fucking good but it also means so much. Thank you dude

Anya Sulyandziga

Was I the only one who felt awkward during that creepy guy conversation?

Porcha Cummings

he kinda reminds me of Dr d from danger days and gerard way (2018) and a guy I see on my street

oh sorry


1:22 good evening

Comments: You don't know what's good until it's gone

Ethan Huse

Your seriously breaking glass where kids play

Lorelai Galway

I had chips and a sandwich for lunch. And I had my other half. And she said “ And IM the fat one?!!”

Carey Lindsey

Funwithgru,your a good youtuber but ghosts and mw3 were my favourite cod games.they were very good in multiplayer and a good campaign


This was a really good story and it had a really good lesson too

Buddy Lab

Ty looks better now

Marco Cipriano

Even if the game sucks, you are still able with your videos to give something to it, something magical..Keep up love your vids from italy <3

Ouch, Kaz.


10 million point shot 10 million views TA-DAAAAA




They had me at the thumbnail 😍😂

John Van Riper

Great video, you have a really good eye for design.  I'd recommend following that in some capacity as a career!  I like how in each of your videos you have a simple, yet clean approach, you don't try to go overboard with graphics or "flashy" stuff and you always have the audio queued right and good quality.  Your selection of music is excellent for this countdown and I look forward to future videos, both games, movies and even if you expand into other things like TV shows, etc.  Thanks and keep up the good work!

Him:hold my beer

Unpopular Onions

I don't really like bikini so......


ty is so mean

Toni Davis



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