Top 10 Popular Films I Don't Love

Have you ever had an experience with a film that differs from the majority? Here's my personal Top 10 films that I don't love as much as everyone else.Twitter James ✜ Mike ✜ our website ✜ #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe #mikematei #atari #playthrough #gameplay #gamereview

Bella Wertz

Bris Kryant still cracks me up


You only showed people with broken English.



Samurai Nyx

458 but showed 485

mP Pm


Window Evilness

Kanjam is my fav

Chinese Spageht

Coby always sucks up to Tyler: watch every cool not cool

Arianna Coleman

Don't change for anyone! Don't let those people bulky you! You don't need a surgery, those people's hearts do.

Keep it like that ...


Why are you writing Greek?


NOTmal NoobLY

Wanna know why I subscribed?

Questions of the World

Plot twist: Ned is a homo


Gold adidas for great gopnik

Corinne Kirchner

My husbands doin’ me wrong! Beatin’ me

Matthew Cao

You don't have to take a shower

Burján Medárd


Amy Adams

Why would you have a pool if your right next to a giant lake?


Yall know distrubting child pornagrophy is illegal right? Even tho she's also a minor that means she's sort of a sex offender..


This was posted exactly 10 years from their first video.

dj magladon

you exploeded my hert this time

untypical gam3r

1 h gaming or less no way

Layton Delaune

Tyler got the best trick shot (last one)

Rayhan Khan


Juan Medina

Well it wasn’t clickbait


Quentin Wastiaux

You seriously make an incredible job! I obviously subscribed. c:

IHaveBigGayOmegaLol Kill me

The Pink Floyd song is Shine on you crazy diamond in a different key


Haha.. I’d sure like to. But.. my parents are already dealing with my aunt who is recovering from injury from falling and some other person in this family came over to take care of her and then my dad might be losing his job so aunt is telling him to sell the house and live with her and 2 other people. But WHY WHY why...?! And then... it’s just so complicated why am I involved. My mom is telling me to go to sleep it’s late. Just close your eyes. But why. Sleep so when you wake up what am I going to do with my life. It’s even worse now it’s summer vacation. There’s so much more I could talk about. I just don’t know.. am I just being selfish? I just don’t know. Why am I writing this. Why am I here? Why did I watch this video???? ? ???

The school: "Lol we just don't agree with you existing."

Ava Lily

The sad thing with me is whenever someone confess that they like me I immediately say no and I get so scared that I just dont think and act right away, I hate that I do this.

Nerfslayer 50

Baseball is amazing

:Link You there! "points at Feral"


Hope it's better than the last one

Lol, bet nobody else said that one


where is marco's links my dude lol

Shahid Noushir

I'm the human controller

Angelica Aguilar

The super carlin brothers were right, it is about giants

THE CITY Atlanta

shout outs and subs to everyone who Subscribed to my channel

Traycer Brisky

Hey Ty, There's a kid who asked his dad " Is God a girl or boy" the dad says both the kid come a little bit later and asked is God white or black, the dad says both the kid comes back and asks is God, Michael Jackson!?

The Gamer Sites

You Forget elgoog

Natural Selection

Guy shoulda took some more years in learning how to fly an helicopters

Ankuran Das

0:33 This gives me a sense of MoanaMaybe there is her Cameo

եɑҽ ӏíҽ

On 8:57 did Emma say bae?

Kanoshe .... literally whats different????

Ghar Ghar

0:00 A legend was born

Jake_Keyblaster 00

That wasn't rip cod that was rip Soap


It would be awesome if they finally explained her powers! It bothered me so much how we never got an explanation in the first movie, other than that she was born with them.


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