Tina Turner Beyond Children Full Album

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Sherri HellCat

You didnt get him 99 shirts because you know dog years count


"Let's go play our secret game"


Who knew that shooting the bells off someones boat would fuck up their boating trip.


Who else knew this song from when post malone shouted his song out


life gives cancer. one out of two living persons will receive a cancer diagnose

Rodrigo Espinoza


Ali Ruiz

johnny manziel is a great quarter back

Cartoonist Blue

STERLLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. LSU

Hirosuke Namikaze

08:00 Butter!!! :D

plotting to take the channel

Hey there free don’t judge me for eating 8 buckets of peanuts 🥜

Joe Rams

Roadhouse Ronda is bae 😍😁

Scout trooper: just a scratch

ZT Gaming

The music that you put for the videos are all fye AFFFFFFF CUZ!



Damn man, you make easter eggs of all games :)

Dino P




yes indeed

Sweet vid Guru

Greetings from Germany, and nice video! :)


I hope to meet Odell cause he’s from my state

than swe


Sherryl Fernandez

i have all the symptoms..😢

Verrücktes Pferd

I really like storys with happy endings like this one has😊😊

Jose Reducindo

Shoutout Polo G but this is a lazy remix change my mind. I was so hyped last night thought this was gonna be a good ass, completely new song but got this. Still gonna bump it tho lmao

Rachel Foster

i am legit sobbing

Alexandria Underwood

Aww Samantha in this, I was already crying....

One day, my grandpa said that he will gave me a wonderful gift, i was so excited ! They go to town, and i was waiting for him. But, he didnt come home for many days, no one told me that he died in a car accident, because they know that i will cry the whole night.. So one week after he died, my aunt told me.. And, i cover my mouth with my hands and go to the bathroom, my mouth was completely shut ! I can’t even cry, or talk, or move ! I was shaking, and i said « i knew it ! I was true ! I knew it ! » and i cried...


coreys is gunna go bad

John Austin Carpenter


Sura Cakir

0:00 - 0:09 no

And the gemini leaked skin is removed from the files be you. 💜

Meh cookiez are ded ;w;

I don't want children ;^; Don’t take this literally I’m just joking

MyCrappy Jobs

Why dose this remind me of a night divided

It's a Trap

2018 anyone??

Icecream Icarus

I like how on the dinosaur easter egg the enemy was just like "Whut in da fuck wus that?"

Ramji Paudel



I want to be member of dp

Joshua Howard

How is this my first time seeing this video

tuan do trong

hay qua cac chu ok

Please don’t take this as me being homophobic I am not part of the lgbtq+ but I support it also just because you don’t necessarily support it doesn’t mean that you’re a homophobe ppl ok it’s a personal opinion and decision to support it or not but if you are disrespectful or just plain rude to the person ppl that are part of it then yes that can be taken as homophobic but still personal opinion no one deserves to be bullied because of their opinion just like no one should be bullied based on their sexual orientation

David Mercado


Susan Moore

OOhh how bad those noses make me feel weird..

Stephon Fitzgerald


Ghost XM9

The Wilhelm scream of video games.

Grady Walker

Jarvis Landry just broke the one handed catch in a minute record

Murkex _

He looks like a young jj watt

Mehul Prajapati



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