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Sundaram G.K

Who's the kid?

I Milkyz I

He has an illegal bat


Look at 2:28 cores muscles are so big!

Pixie Edits

Anime food always looks good

ultan mc sharry

Ther is also one in the training one

Erika Pedraza

Now I want some hunny backed

Makaveli 420

2029 anyone?

William Duckfield

I hate those people 4:37

Robert Guarino

4 months..... Put out or get out.

Conner Klumph

Team coby all the way

Łeø Køhamì

“smoking is sooo cool”

pham ngocanh

tyler can you tell me your full name

Taehyung and Dannia



Well, being lgbt is something you can't help, you are born gay, trans etc. Its kinda like disagreeing with mountains, they'll be there regardless.

Hsjs Isdi


Awesome Dude

Why did you do that


I hope I can grow just as good a beard as Rhett

Sutt9n Corral


Mia & Ayden

You are the best

can you guys stop making jokes

Alex Mangra


Siberian Pup

that animation at the end was so cool!!!

King Cola

Died from a fall


Maybe some sort of infected mode?

Balazs Galsi

@joe9013 This will not happen.... sorry bro

Carlie Holmes

Omg everyone needs a friend that hypes you up like Jen.

Athony Nesbitt

What a dumb ass, all he had to do was sit there and enjoy the dam game,

sʇǝɹɔǝS ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍS

I have mirror touch synesthesia and I hate it

artsy Madison

I get you

Sunflower Seed

He is a Twisted fate


They changed the thumbnail?!?!

Big Daddy


Triston Sanchez

He looks so happy for someone who lost 50 bucks

Amir Lara

If u ain't talking money nigga u ain't speak my language🗣💸

Nathan Nutley

you guys should go to the fantasy factory

Mubashshira Farooqui

He don't deserve to girl u did right breaking up


Waiting eagerly 😍


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