The Secrets Of Vibration & Frequency! (The Power Of Sound!)

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General Dritz

Couple of things I have to say:

DraxVal !

Les sous titres en français sont horribles, c'est une catastrophes.

Andy Duong

I just realized this was posted on my birthday


We're going to build a sea wall and we're going to make the oil companies pay for it!

Marin Gutierrez

Thia day waa cool

Justin Eccleston

Aw sh*t. Here we go again


I poopes My pants When the truck exploded in mw3

Sara Araiza

Que chida cansion

Jelly Rooster

Derek jeter

Erika Aguilar


Victoria B

At 10:56 Emma looks so tiny sitting in between them 😂


We have video proof 4:36 that the panda is coby or Cory and at one point ty

blink figueroa

I think is a boy



Can I get 1000 Subs with no videos?



Please tell her to be healthy. I hope happiness surround her. She deserves all the love

Ollygamer 14

RIP Golf clubs


How come every popular bratty girl is named Jennifer?

B_ Tamer

Наконец-то ты меня нашел это я русский комментарий

Leaders Of The Old School

Every played who had an Achilles injury never came back better in fact they all declined. Its a very very serious injury

Late Blume

Subscribing for the music got damm

Just thefriends

That time makes me cringe “23min59sec “


Seriously, jokes aside. Let's focus on the story

Kenny Dasilva


Seth Bryant

2:53 Meme this

Luke French

world record edition

Feeling good after watching this!

No wait, that's blood...

Acaua Kenshin

nome dessa música?



logang paulers

you guys should do another marksman video

Dan Coulter


Landon Hatch

technically they both lost

He also asked Kratos if he could shapeshift right after discovering he's a god. wich i believe to be another reference


Just the puppy in gta got my heart and tears..

Coop Dawg

Toronto BlueJays


Almost 6 months from the video with "extreme painting"

Dj mrod

Epic games: am I a joke to you?


I always knew Mr.Clean had a screw loose. Also who ever likes this comment is a level 100 mafia

Colin Winkler


Agnarog The Destroyer

I saw his book in a spy museum in DC

Kinnick Wisner


Tính Là Tui

Trẻ trâu quá cưng


Just wondering why avocado oil? Is it just health reasons or for flavor ?


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