The Most Anointed Song You Will Ever Hear

Give your life to Christ, He Loves you and wants you home: of this song is: "For Your Name Is Holy" sung by Paul Wilbur, written by Jim Cowan, inspired by God.

Me: bitch you could have died!

But I rememeber times when. I thought otherwise! She claims im lieing when I do because "if i truely believed that or thought that i wouldve asked"


4:10struggling soo hard trying not to laugh in the middle of my school algebra 2 class

Dylan Thomas

im confused

For example, my anxiety makes me shaky, weaker, and my breathing becomes heavier and quicker. My depression makes me more tired, weaker and makes me less likely to do things. My depression makes me feel like nothing matters, it makes me feel like I’m trapped in my own body, which makes me feel stressed and uncomfortable. Depression makes my bad feelings worse. Sometimes I space out and almost feel fake when I’m having ADHD. It makes me feel strange. My ADHD also makes me feel tired sometimes.

mikaela anjel

3M Go go go! Also don't forget illusion

Susan Wootton

2:00 didnt make it through the third onw

nathan trent

Amazing vid

Me: So Bill Gates isn't the richest man in the world? Damn I guess Google was wrong

Cody:just look out the window

Big Mel


TS Production's

Holy cow I have a few questions about the same as the one I have is a gift card for the same thing as you can see from the picture of the day

Brandon Lyons

What’s gerrett problem he’s a vibe killer smh tell him kick rocks😂 jk

Doug Drew

@4:50 the ultimate Dad moment...

dethevan o

what system is it for

Hannah Dowds

That is why every other first world country has free healthcare

Pokee Mon

Thanks for making this video it was really eye opening and honestly i feel attacked but hey thats life??

Emily Pineapple

I also have replays and flashbacks when I broke my arm TWICE! Hope you get better!

Ellie Johnson


Garett will always be my fav...

Pianzo !

The reason why you should not fear death is because you have Jesus Christ

Misty Batch

Ok have you guys met zayde wolf or do you just like his songs. Oh btw im a fan of him

sameer amir

those guys are your real dad seriously


if i ever stole i'd prob have a panic attack

Brandt Cadet

They should just go to the nba


like 483 568

Iver TheKid

I love how Washington State had one of the best football teams


Bruh, im 12 and 70k and looking pretty slim, am i obese?

Just kidding,but to be honest it's kinda funny Guru 😊😂

Savage Gorilla

I will always question why you don't have A LOT more subscribers

Then lastly Mao Zedong busts in.

Donato Fam

Why did you destroy the court!?!!??! You might loose a lot of subscribers for that.

Sammeh tB

When you upload I have a mini party :))

Zachary Miller

Playing Halo 5!

rainer acojido

Corys nickname will be coral

Subscribe To Me For No Reason

James Charles Kissed You... 😓



hp lover

Awww I love the positive message at the end💓

Miriam Bucholtz

I'm glad that you're getting help and that it's working for you. I, on the other hand, have learned the hard way to never trust psychiatrists again. It was back in 1974 (when the DSM was probably the size of the Readers' Digest), but I was misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic during the one time I was institutionalized. I learned nearly three years ago that what I actually have is simply Asperger's syndrome. Consulting two different psychologists (one a neuropsychologist, at that) in order to verify this involved seriously pushing my limits and staring down PTSD, but I had to know. I sacrificed enough of my life living under the shadow of something that I knew could, if I had it in the first place, could come back and turn me into little more than a burden. In fact, I came across information on Asperger's while reading a book as a reference for something that I have been writing for quite a while, a book on what it's like to have spent time in a poorly-run mental institution as well as telling what people can expect to happen after their family member or loved one gets out of such a place. Having learned this, I am so much more at peace with myself. It is not an excuse; it's an explanation. It's still my brain, and I'm still in charge of it. So, my wiring is done a bit differently from most, and if I find certain behaviors or thoughts intruding, I override them. Stay strong and learn as much as you can about BPD. Knowing what you're facing and how to deal with it can make the difference between being a victim or a victor. BTW, I also have two cats. There's nothing like the unconditional love of an animal to keep one on an even keel. Makes me wonder just who rescued whom in this case.

Zsniper _92

I would walk over there after watching this video


o p h e l i a r o s e xx

what is wrong with this girl?

Fatian Berisha

The two bowling videos still remain my favorites!

Goat Boy

If you guys would check out my music on my channel, I would greatly appreciate it. I hate to self-promote, but every small artist starts somewhere. Thank y’all, and much love. 🙏🏼

Thea Louise Dai

3:00 omg her shoes are adidas and then suddenly nike what is this sorcery


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