The Heart Link (Meditation 4)

Meha Madan

I heard Gucci gang one time..


We're going home !!!!!!

Chandler: doesn't jump

Romilly Stevens

far fetched

Juan Antonio Yocupicio Moroyoqui

Yo yo yo yoooooooo ozuna

danila :3 :3

1:55. I just can't believe that they did this to me

stikbot stuff 123

Your mother death is for a reason, It was so you can learn to fight for yourself, if it weren't for that you couldn't help people with this video, now that the lesson is learned you may now rejoin god with a very important lesson of life.



Patrick Hearn

Escalating ty


there are so many comments like “there’s a difference between acceptance and respect, this girl isn’t a bully >:(“ and they don’t seem to understand that telling someone you don’t accept them as a human being and don’t support their right to love someone else is the polar opposite of respect??? i don’t get these dumbass’ logic i can’t follow

Mr hooman Gaming channel

Who else watched this to find the Easter eggs that guru secretly placed?

ADCF Productions

you forgot to kill the ghost in Hitman Contracts :)


only came for pam

Bright Roze

Mention Kingdom Hearts

Gustavo Castro


Justin McCall

This is wicked I mean it’s so incredible


The Adele rolling in the deep was my favourite Easter egg. For some reason I just thought it was really funny

tristan pippin

bow an arrow ball in the hup shoot

Jacobus Brakkee

Coby’s missed putt on hole one costed him the game

OG Elijah


Bird Haus Performance

i love how the panda just casually walks by.

In the Hitman Contracts easter egg, the guy at 13:57 is speaking Hungarian...

Dimitrios Staikos

Me: Wait.. U like school?? Where r u from? Her: from jamaic- Me: ohhh from pluto!! Ye thats cool u alien (school sucks) deal eith it nerds

Zsuzsana Nagy

Rip Fidget spinners 2017/2017

Kid's Surprise Toys 2018

I have 3 words : that was awesome !!

M I L 3 S

Y’all should do an episode on like DDG or PRETTYBOYFREDO

Edip Özmen

1:30are those rocks from merida (brave) or am i blind

luna lover60

My cat died today


I'm so glad these are back, I can imagine it's a struggle to find easter eggs that has that certain creepiness to them. But I really appreciate that you still made another! Also, the editing and effects are spot on, as always! I feel like your style is very much like LEMMiNO, maybe you guys could do a video together at some point! I'm sure you could think of some interesting thing to do.


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