The Boo Boo Story with Princess from Vlad and Nikita

When mommy feels bad and has a boo boo, the children Vlad and Nikita will always help her.Please Subscribe!VLAD Instagram - Instagram -


perfect backflip Tyler did

Farah Karim

Why everybody crazy about him someone tell me

ori gaming


The ShadowWolf

I love how people automatically assume the story is fake. Maybe it is but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was true. I have had many friends that sadly have similar things happen.

Jon Querequincia

Can you spend a day with strangers that comment your youtube videos next?

Becomes a teacher

Cu Boy vào bếp


אוהד כהן

@ilvltqw i agree one of my top 10 and dude! if your getting bored of this then check out this online game >>>


How to trick an idiot Read more

Jack Good

Next sport should be hurling

FuriousJorge5 YT

Ty won

Jake Rubin

Try doing saints row the IV easter eggs


Hace falta una canción como Amorfoda


Major click bait

i feel i will never catch up


Haha whatever... I live in Florida with my parents and the sea hasn’t risen at all. we have a measure at the beach and the water was higher in 1985 then it is today, And it’s still slowly going down.

Husnain Naeem

I really like it these all Easter eggs and they were so creepy

Jordan's World

Hey I’m not poor and I use the bus

Maria L

@Christopher B. Martin the tip really performs fine! just tested it & earned over 250$ more already xD just go and watch the how to guide: youtu․be/uROrCi0FbZgbefore its unlisted

Owl Corvo PhD

hmmmm so that's what happened to sam

Me : she worried about her hair children in Africa a dieing nd she cares about her long hair

Oh naw.

Just put some tape on the court.


Anwar is scary as fuck

Galaxy Flower

What does Quadriplegic mean?

Kamilla Gutierrez

Honestly can’t stand torrid anymore. It’s like their style is disney or old lady ugh. I go to ASOS for plus size. Torrid does have my fave jeans tho

Rusnė Koreivaitė

I thought you get a puppy

Nishan Hoq


im Xpired

I’m from the og 2014 sqaud


they have th same basketball hope as me!

Eugenie N.

i dont know if you've included this scene before but I would highly!! recommend the scene in Split where Patricia brushes the girls' hair and puts flowers in them and talks about the paprika sandwiches

emperor joseph

The title I'm getting deported against my will no shit you think people want to deported

Ewout Rook

practice, practice, practice



Love to all


So you mean your step-mom is your MOM?


Keep up the great work Guru.


This video is too long. Nearly 13 minutes for 10 references? Stopped watching after 2 minutes.


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