Tere Pyaar Mere Jo sukh milta hai //Bk-song // Sadhna Saragam

Tere pyaar me jo sukh milta hai uske aageSaab kuch pheeka Prabhu tere miti yaadon mein ras hai maula masti ka......Tere pyaar me jo sukh milta hai uske aage Sab kuch pheeka.....This sweet song is in the praise of All Mighty God (shivbaba). Your love gives immense joy, rest everything of this materialistic world falls tasteless infront of it. Oh God, your sweet loves rememberance has the essence of ruhani happiness. Your love is the only cause which has made to forget the body consciousness and the old world of sorrow,Your love gives immense joy.The lyricsof the songis so beautiful. Link to this song:to song shiv aapada haran: Hope you enjoy watching Thank you for visiting.- video upload powered by


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Drawing Gamer

I like how this start 😀

Dagen Hill

While watching the black screen i thiught i clicked on a leafy vid cause the song.

entertainment maker

Happy birthday my king😎

Pablo Antonio Reyes

when showin the golden fork the zombie almost eats the hand

Elin Westeren Lakselvnes


iiItzNinaPlayz WithAleshaPlayz

2018 November Anyone?

eye love

Shouldnt there be a hole thru that storm trooper or am i jus high?

Legend R


Lukee The Basketball Kid

No money manziel

Tatik Herawati

You subscribe,you died


0:12 yeah but there is no corners

Gamer FNAFSL901234

beeping in the vid? edit: who else noticed?

James Williams

i love the tital screen in 2018

Ismail Abdul

My dad has diabetes and im sometimes scared but i know he s safe

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Are you Piff the Magic Dragon?

TGM Tributes

Love this game

Henry Xu

And.... This guy sounds like he's only 20


How come the tall guy on dude perfect he's like 2 inches smaller than kevin love and Russell westbrook is tAller lol

luster Dust

They guy looks like tadashi from big hero 6

vivek sonara

I'm so hyped up for this movie now


Cool and all, but where’s the clogged toilet?


This song is just a remix of Energy Drink by Virtual Riot...

Ali Mujtaba

You should do nerf trick shots

ChingChong Wing

Ty u changed

Đhouha Dougjfkfkfkfk

My grandpa died 3 years ago I got over it after a day I feel so bad

It falls on all of us the same

Argus Skyhawk

It's nice to see an exciting trailer that doesn't give away the plot.Cool.


I know, TF2 is an FPS while this is RPG/Free roam, but the Headless Horseman is from TF2, fucktard...

Devil Sandy

Barabain are massive

Peppa Ro

The trash talker

A snek Boi

When I was 3 I was constantly clambered on by my twins good times😄

J-Hope T

Izaiah Creager

We need part 5 and we need it yesterday

Takeru Kenshi

Play the horse shoes hotdog hand grenade trick shot

miss purple 123

Love of my life- freddie mercury

Don U see i see

I like how they , for the first story, took inspiration from the story by HC.Andersen. And for the follow up, seem to have dug a little in Nordic folklore and mythical creatures!That’s a goldmine I hope they know how to treasure! 😉


Hi Guru I wanna ask how did you managed to deal with copyright claims? Because my videos that we make by my Aunt is block in some country BTW I always love your video although it's long to get new Easter Eggs videos but worth the wait THUMBS UP

love the video btw

_Itsyeegachagurl_ AZZY

"Eventually this was an OH DANG moment"


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