Teaching Strategies - Gaining Children's Attention

Preschool teacher Nereida Diaz describes a strategy she uses in her classroom to focus children's attention, particularly after a period of active play. She puts her hands to her eyes to resemble a pair of glasses and says the phrase, "Hocus Pocus; everybody focus." The children respond with the same gesture and repeat the word, "focus."This video is part of a series of Teaching Strategies videos - see more at www.easternct.edu/cece/teaching-strategies.Copyright 2016 by the Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University. This video may only be used for educational purposes. It may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be edited or adapted without written permission from the Center for Early Childhood Education.

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Can some one do a 8h gru voice so I can play it so I sleep well wow I want it plz hahah lol NO REALLY JUST DO IT YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW

Alessandro99ITA [RAVN]

The cutest is the giraffe easter egg


Nice video as always!

Ella M Locke

I was 3 lbs 3 oz when U was born.. but I was only 2 months early


you got amazing music taste


these are some boring ass easter eggs that must have taken a whole two minutes of thought to implement. and what do you know they aren't really related to the game, just fun lil things the developers thought THIS should make up for the story

10000 Subscribers with any video challenge

Why 2019 but?? YouTube is gone mad

Kenny Sheehan

Please I'm begging what is that knife





Jeremy Waid

Like the music choice

Scarlet Heart

is Moana gonna be in this movie?

sister shook

He said he never been in a relationship before ~_~


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Garrett Molstad

Well ubisoft brought absolutely nothing again

Matthew Quint

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joel utsi

It's nice that you warn us from upcoming jumpscares, I like that.

Candle -70

🥵🤯🔥🌶🤒. Fire ass mf song

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Just realized the "Let's rock, let's rock, today" school of rock reference. You guys are my favorite.

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