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Zia Chung

Imma gonna watch all of y'all's videos from the first to the latest😊😊😊 and like every video:)(I'm korean so i don't care if im saying it wrong😅)

JT Ramos

price rape on those spoons


Rusty Shackleford

Max got a little brown on his nose

If you see this THANKYOU JAMES!!!

Gaming Youtuber

can you send me some stuff pls..... I have subscribed to your channel by all my 4 account pls.....

Amy R

so two of my freinds say their depressed and slit their wrists and one of them said I'm not allowed to cut beacuse my parents check my wrists every week and the other one said look at my cuts and he had little scratch marks like from his nail and supposedly it's from a knife and they are always like I'm depressed I'm sad stuff like that and don't even have scars if it's from a knife that's one dull knife

Jericho Welsin

Part 6. I need more I'm itching for it like a crack addict

Farhan 222

I'm from indonesia

Sasha 6

The only red flag you needed girl was the age difference


This is scarily accurate


Do a soccer stereotypes

YEYE Nation 1

Nice video

Groo t

Alright let’s get this straight


close ur eyes n let the imagination flows

Seth Gomel

Cody gets his shoes tied by a girl at 1:53


@xX17WarPaint28Xx haha now theres 699, should i change that? ^.^

Riley Bear

Creators probably: Let’s make Frozen 2 dark and angsty! But let’s still make Olaf stupid.

Read more

Albert Rajeev

I think Billy did the better pose.

Judge Judith Sheindlin

can olaf please die in the one just let him melt

Gears Of Arkham

9:40 - 10:25 Um .... what?


Sebastian Ong

AHHHHH GURU NEW VID! (fan girl screams even thought im a dude)

me: Polar bear?

Jared Morrow


Uma Manteena

Honestly if I was the girl who was telling this story I would have called the cops beforehand

Rainbow Sisters

Who's cutting onions here😭😭😭😭😭😭Im crying


When I first played Half Life 2, I was lost at this part and thought 2:00 was the actual "scenario way" to go through. I didn't know that I stumbled upon an easter egg by chance... rofl

ну и ну

i am probably more excited than our kids are

Gu Gu Lanem

He is national innocence boy and precious baby 👶 ever lol 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Sam qualcosa

Hell's Highway is a classic? Jesus I am old

suzzy stenzel

Awee 😭🤩😩🔥


Damn Campo Santo is great at making Easter Eggs

ASMR fuZion

Team cobes since day one hope he gets another win

Jacopo Ye

Dude, perfect!

m m


If you see a stranger in distress, get their phone number and tell them to live with you

Pyromanic Ninja

Don't forget that on Lon Lon Ranch the helper guy and the girls father closely resemble mario and luigi!

PAYAL hansaliya

0:44 would been taken long time

Jonathan Toews RULES #19

Ty 30.0 secPanda 31.2 sec So how did Panda come in 3rd and Ty come in 4th


Any Tamil movie actor or Indian cricket player

Simione Corbett



"It was difficult to see hard working people struggling for survival. I promised myself, it wouldn't happen to anyone else " and now selling expensive coffees to everyone


Thor, stark do this do that

rod flood

Knock knock who's there Harry Harry who Harry who's writing to you


Once Upon A Time in America: Ladies & Gentlemen, tonight we wanna celebrate "The Magic of Live Broadway" and all the talented hard working....

1ts_0d1e:/ Yt

Lax is my faveriot sport

Chandani Agarwal

Giant chess

Connor S

Edward Scissorhands scene tho.. oof


This guy is trash.


Kid cudi makes better smoke weed music


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