Soul Alignment Meditation with Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron

Experience the Healing Power of Soul Realignment in this blissful Angel Meditation with Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler. Lift, expand, and vibrationally realign to anchor your Soul Light Presence now.Realign your soul light within your physical being in the present, and as a result... Progress forward, to take a quantum leap on your journey of embodiment.If you like this meditation... Please share! Prefer to read this channeled angel message or download the .MP3? Click Here:

Pinapple Pen

hola people

Craig Slater


Ethan Nguyen

Why do you getreef shark

Controlling bad from good


9:32 Go madden!

Eliel Enriquez



team what ever

Ken Clark

dude that was aaaawesome

This made me cry! I LOVE YOUUUUU ALL💜

Isaac Rizard

I quit cold turkey too because of gym.

اضحك من قلبك و شوف العجائب

it's really a great video

Too perfect Jill Blacketer-Yee


Martha Abdool


Captain Lloyd389

The browns he would work good with Mayfield

Lizzie Dolas

I’m going sky diving tomorrow..

I’m going The new version



Odu Pascual


Aka The Flailing Chicken

Hold up... this dude done gone and dyed his hair!


Ellie Kendall

That is just like me but I wouldn't pick up the phone! I HATE talking to people on the phone.😂😂😂😂

Jonah Merritt

I have an idea for a new show on overtime it is called confessions without obsessions were you each tell one weird confession that no one would be obsessed with

Code Name: Hazard

I hate math 😐


Nemanja Vuksanovic

Keep doing your Easter egg/Hidden things in Movie's/Games. The thing that makes you stand out in the crown, is your "Old school Theme" Videos.

ZlLk X

My dad’s name is Tom-


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schrödinger's cat

Dude you're so awsome love all of you're vid...n can you do like Q&A about how to find easter eggs?

The Joesma

Cobys the Chandler of Dude Perfect

Ldawg Coc

on number 6 after they blew up earth is that why in black ops 2 zombies everything is lava and gone

Jason Nicolson

Has anyone else noticed that the goaly goal was just a normal basketball shot?

Jim Jim

First video I saw

Popstar ZN

Amazing song 👌😍😍

Peyton Trueblood

Have over 20,000 subs they have

It hurts trust me.... to know your own mum thinks the happines of your is gone like you happiness is paralyzed

Diego Vaquero

American football

Helen Smith

so i am like a child still lives with my mom and dad i am 7 and i see scary things and my mom is Dpressed or stressed so i try my best but i am scared there noises in my bathroom sometimes my mom hears banging and my father

Marcus Mueller

If I was a girl and guys told me I was sexy and asked me to call them I would be flattered, I may not call them but I wouldn’t think of it as a bad thing

Issy Mystic

I love this art style! Who did it?

Phun Tha Nak

Is that song from Cambodia I love Cambodia



Johann Erich Ints

Well, that was creepie

Ellie x

Why do them people always show this man shirtless

Dymond Hill

How is that a iphone when it draws a LG. Phone



Jerry Lee

One more questions did he get a interview with LBJ? lol

Dylan Glenn


Jevin Reed

01:05 jasons eyes look at him!!


This video gives me anxiety ugh 😑


Luffy great1683

The sweaty guy

Sunny Parashar

And here I am never want to shower and being lazy LOL 😂


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