Sleep Meditation for Kids | SPACE PUPPY Floating To The Stars! | Story for Children's Bedtime

In this guided sleep meditation for kids, you'll meet your own cute and fun SPACE PUPPY who just loves floating amongst the stars with you to explore space! This relaxing story for children's bedtime will help kids drift calmly into a happy and deep sleep. ✅ For more relaxing sleep stories, Subscribe here!:before you sleep and turn in for a relaxing night of dreams, you check on your new, cute little puppy, Spotty, as he sleeps in his kennel ... only to discover that Spotty is actually an incredible Space Puppy! In this relaxing and fun sleep meditation, together, you and Spotty, will take a magical journey into the wonders of space, as you explore, relax and drift amongst the stars, by floating all of the way up to the moon!Kids (and grown ups!) will love falling asleep to this fantastic dream adventure! 🌠 Subscribe -- we'd love you to join us!: Feel free to like, comment & share - to help us bring you more! 👍~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🚩 Enjoy more kids sleep meditations & bedtime stories: 🚩▶️ SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES UP! RAPUNZEL BREAKS HER SPELL!: THE SHY MERMAID PRINCESS: THE TIME TRAVEL BALLOON: TREE OF DREAMS: UNICORN DREAMS: THE DREAMWEAVER'S APPRENTICE: THE STEAM DREAM TRAIN: UNICORNS & FAIRIES: THE SNOOZY SLUMBER VILLAGE: KIDS MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: KIDS MORNING MEDITATION: YOUR HAPPY PLACE: TREEHOUSE OF THE ELVES: YOUR MAGICAL UNICORN FRIEND: YOUR CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS: YOUR SECRET UNICORN LAND: YOUR MAGIC TREEHOUSE: YOUR ENCHANTED FAIRY FOREST: THE SLEEPY FOREST: THE FLYING PTERODACTYL: FLYING WITH YOUR UNICORN FRIENDS:Subscribe here for more kids meditations & bedtime stories!: ► PLAYLISTS: ⭐ FAIRY TALES SLEEP MEDITATIONS for Kids Playlist: Bedtime Stories for Kids to Sleep: Positive Affirmations for Kids: Kids Sleep Meditations: More Sleep Music & Nursery Rhymes: ► Animal ABC Songs for Kids: ► © 2019 Happy Minds Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Khaled Arafa

that was so mean to 🐼

Eric Horner

We don't know the score... so none of the misses or makes matter. I wish you had a score tracker going.

Why u bully me

Can somebody tell me who is the panda

Marshy Mallow

They probably used science for trickshots😂 no hate!! Its pretty

Alondra Hernandez


Dude Perfect: We shoot from the top of the stadium...


I think the winner is ty but yeah you know who is win

Santino Manarin

If there's no Tijuana Piranhas next season imma go cancel my league pass dammit


It's a custom map is what they are saying, this map does not come standard with release and was not created by the developers of the game. left4dead.wikia[dot]com/wiki/Suicide_Blitz_2


I never owned x box nor played halo even once just saw 2-3 clips of it, but boy I liked this trailer 😁

violetx.v yt channel

dafuq dude

Sophia Redwood

Am I the only one that was hurt and angry by this ending?

Miles Mcelroy

paintball stereotyes

Sarah the Best

The second trophy Coby gets it in Ty’s office

Krouton melon

I already knew the slender one

Πασχαλης Μπανδας

Is the freedom a reference from a book that tells about plastic ducks that fell in the sea and travel in the world but eventuall reach an island?

Drew Barber

After watching this battle I realized that it’sCobyCoreyCody

Family C

Team not shatter


Who else got an ad for Adidas while watching?

Quentin Diaz

Last cats name is tyler


Detroit and Dallas are both in nfc they can’t meat in nfl


do you find these eastereggs your self or you use sources for these?

momo 53664

The drawings are so fucking good .


Nice video mate

It's a Anphone


i can easily do this if i had,money,time,a pool, poppularity, a group of friends, and guts.

Sally Lindsay

I love Adidas

Marija _

Question, in that situation, isnt it better to call the police. He said he was going to kill them if they do, but if he came there he was going to kill them anyway.

Jara Owiedat


irving Baruch

Lex luthor

whoever reads this you're gay

I like dude perfect

Ben Hyde

I found an easter egg in mw3 yesterday. Has nothing to do with thriller films but. Once you climb down the ladder in to the sub in the third level. Look on the first bottom bunk.You see a familiar face. And as far as I know this is the only one in the Campaign. 

Tyler Roe

The archery Noble swisher

Amelia Juarez

love Paul better than the real dad

Sadly I’m no longer popular because I’m not a tomboy


Come to switzerland.. please😊

Dado Pezic

Tony FERGUSON 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

the soft & the hardcore


I used to play Jedi Outcast a lot but I'm frankly still waiting for the Jedi game where you're not a hundred times more powerful than Luke ever was. Unfortunately, this seems like a very generic arcade shoot'em up in just a new, pretty dress. But I guess that's what them kids want.

سكت الحيات

tabieun ealaa alqunaat waetuni layk

Dillon Cole

Who watching after he got traded to the Browns??


OMG Aimbot + Wallhack !!!!

Anthony waye

that is incredibleand I cant belev it!

bill roths

is that fake

T.J. Smith

The Empire State Building

lil luchador

The last one

Jimmy dc

love this shit bro , come to spain !


Guru, at the Black Museum episode, i think you missed the Crocodile bathtub , the USS Callister DNA machine, all the cookies and San Junipero's references (all of these were quite obvious) and the kidnapper from the first episode at the bottom of the museum. Great job though :D


It reminds me a lot of clementine story from walking dead

Alejandro Leon-Lopez

5:17 how did the ball go up out of nowhere

Janice P

Tom Holland looks mighty FINE


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