SLEEP Meditation for Children | IN THE NIGHT FOREST | Guided Meditation for Kids

Download latest Meditation for Kids Mega Packs here: of our best Kids Meditations at a reduced price!Download FREE Guided Meditation for Kids: our Kids Albums: available from iTunes: your child off gently to sleep with this relaxing Sleep Meditation in the Night Forest!Sit back and relax in your hammock to the gentle rhythm of the raindrops and just rest...This Guided Sleep Meditation for Kids is mostly Guided and the latter part is just beautiful relaxing music that dances on the raindrops...An idea may be to unwind with your child, listening to this peaceful Sleep Meditation together...bliss!Night Night :-)#kidsmeditation #kidssleep #meditationforkids======================================================-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------feel free to like, comment and subscribe :-)======================================================If you enjoy our videos then please subscribe to our channel where we will be posting free weekly high-quality Guided Meditations and Relaxing music:our Downloads (Higher Quality)--------------------------------------------------------------------CD Baby:Play:to find us---------------------------YouTube:of our Popular Playlists-------------------------------------------------Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditations: Meditation for Children: SLEEP Meditations & SLEEP Talkdowns: Meditations: Music:

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