Shiva Shambo

"Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Máha Déva Shambo Máha Déva ShamboMáha Déva Shambo Máha Déva Shambo"Artist: NamastéAlbum: Magical Healing MantrasAll credits go to the Namasté, I just wanted to share their beautiful music.

Angel Of Life

This all happened because he didn’t play Minecraft

SmOL AysHii

Having Anxiety feels like everyone is silently judging you, even tho they aren't

Ahmed Fetar

James: talking to strangers stresses me out

Pau Malonzo

and this is the real definition of Perfect...

Allan Zhao

Coolest video everrrrr


In the thumbnail she looked like the default skin in fortnite

Says the girl that ended up marrying him


Fox Williams


sharad mishra

Pubg gaming center

Did What? Adopt you, take you out of a horrid foster care system, love you unconditionally, raise you and keep you alive? Damn they sound like horrid people

Who never subscribed but is here for any video?

Me: “ikr, I missed it the first time too”

Kim Pruett-Ilg

4:52 why does he fake eating skittles??

DC Hall

HiDaddy I love you

Vip Dip

I still don’t understand the plot of the movie

sanyog shenlong

I don't have a dream.

Henry Oakes

What did Santa do to you

Zheng ShuHui

Still impressive in 2019

Rachel Vids

I hope is a boy to make Austin jealous lmao jk

Creative Corner

Pls make some videos like these .....This video is awesome

Jaqen H'ghar

how did you get this as a map?

Jacob Dean


Caran Slo Rixh

I Just Love All of Your Videos! I could watch like 1000 of 'em a day and I would stop because of Time! That's all, keep going on like that, amazing work! :D

nivedha ramadoss

TYE - like


What about the episode from how i met your mother where marshalls dad dies,u can see numbers from the 50 to 0 everywhere

Monkey Snakes

In 7 and I reely like tiender

shannon platz


(Shines light on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


very creative ways! Loved it all! Though the Panda stunt double...poor guy!

Jackson Palmer

how did you become people from futurama


Monster Biters

1:13 CJ :(

The woman who made 'the boy who lived'

Blank Face

team necklace

For the ones who read this thanks for taking your time to read about my issues I hope you don't feel the same way as I do because it sucks but their are some perks :D

Earl of chocolate of trains



0:52 when you have no safety straps on your wii remote

Beauii Daciouss

1 like= 1 prayer for Cody

Planet Tyler uuu



He looks like Goku or Naruto 😂

Irpan Ramdhani

Mantap Kali😄


yeeyee this art is C🤠🤠L


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