Meditation hawaii

Hello my blog

Shiva Shambho Shambo... an art of living bhajans

A beautiful bhajan of Lord Shiva...

Alex Super

Their videos have gotten sooooo much better

Kennedy Hankinson


Maleah's Diary

I'M TWERKING to this 🤑. Please don't press on my face.

Darien Khlentzos

My boy Ben (6 yrs old!!) just got a high score of 54!! (Where can we post it?)

Matthew Ryley


I and I Awesome stuff


Undaily Noodle

I used to always compare myself to bts but I keep listening to their music and thinking about the lyrics and they make me realized that I shouldn’t care about how I look and that I should love myself and not care about what anybody thinks, now I don’t care what others think

super 555

Omg!I experienced almost all of this God help me😢

I dunno if it was coincidence or not, but I got an ad right before he moved on. XD

Jessica Rivera

OMG nick jones

Artist: Approaching Nirvana

Dingdong Dave



xD 6:13 is dumb as shit he stopped and hopped off and still got hurt

Amalia Aufa

God Bless Her <3

Carla Rivas

This summarizes all texts

Gaming with Hannah

Rosses are red

depressed boi

You want really good asmr?

Brian Luevanos

finally I see why so much teddy bears in cod

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