school morning routine 2018

Today I am showing you guys my morning routine for school (college). I hope you all enjoy it and leave any video requests down below. Thanks for watching! xoxo, Rachel Noelle-----------------------------------------------Teami Blends: code: "18RN" for 18% off!Quip toothbrush: Peach Box: the code "rachelnoellee" for 15% off your purchase-----------------------------------------------SHOP MY CLOSET!POSHMARK: E-mail ONLY: LINKS!Instagram: this video is not sponsored

Jared Visperas

What your name in pubg

jack logan

The best channel ever !!!!!

I got a b+ in math.




I loved your drawing art .


Namibia knows your name Joseph Allen

Lilliana Edmonds

60 yard you guys rock


that developer is really good at making pretty games


The idiot who created this video doesn't know what democracy is.

wiz super

Legaliza br


Hi mr beast where ar u from by the way?

Spicy Fetus

I’m a mix of a Paul and a Jane, I’m very avoidant when I start liking someone because I’m afraid I’m gonna get hurt, so I basically be passive aggressive until I trust them, then I cling onto too the for dear life.

Shoobity Floobity

@0:25 Call of duty Reference.


Tyler are you a left-handed?

Zach Weitz

SBTF of the week should go to ty.

Ben B.

Everything looks cooler in slo mo


outrageous easter eggs aren't seen in video games today because all video games are now serious

SayToe Charles

Sorry buddy, but your anger wasn't that justified.

brittany leigh

i loved both the teal dresses on you!!

PurpleMelody Gaming Me : she islam?cause errr in islam ya cant kiss and touch a boy/man without marrige X3 (sorry bout my grammar it sucks xD)



CRISS _!!!

2019 ??

Grace Jones

I LOVE trick shots!!


The Ditto theory makes sense.

Wiyam Ally

OoooOOoooOoo SHe’S uGly

Annie g

My child hood was a mix of all those lol

Nuked Circuit

the music for the ac unity easter egg killed me XD


At 4:20 the Book on the Left Side :D American History Y by H.Potter? :D

trikl strof

I born 3 months earlier and my birthday is on the 3rd August

Suzuki _K

Kim Jong Un


Omg it looks so good


Your character looks like neo from the Matrix 


People, everyone.Remember one thing, the gentlemen that have played the role of "James Bond",only acted in a way that the script called for. So if you do not like any part of the characters behavior, then either blame the Author of the book that particular movie is based on, or the writers of the script. The actor is just doing as told by the script, Director, etc... And remember something else, it is only a movie, not real life..... Secret agents, in real life, have a much different life, than that of those played in movies.


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