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We have a nursery rhyme, song, video or game for every occasion here at Kids Channel. With home to many cartoon 2D and 3D characters, we are a preschooler's best friend. Through stories, episodes, original songs our characters make learning fun for children. A school away from school we make our videos not just to please the toddler but also to educate him/her with new concepts, skills, and ideas. We take kindergarten a step further with an in-depth understanding of a preschoolers comprehension, cognitive development, motor skills, language acquisition,executive functions, self-concept, identity development and moral values. 'Kids Channel' home to The Road Rangers, Monster Truck Dan, Little Red Car and The Haunted House Monster Truck. To get regular updates of our videos SUBSCRIBE to us.Nursery rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children’s word comprehension, reading and writing skills. Rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. We hope you kids are having a fun time with all your friends at Kids Channel. If you enjoyed watching this video then check out our channel for many more interesting and fun learning videos for kids by Kids Channel!For Road Rangers videos:Monster Truck Dan Videos:Little Red Car Videos: Haunted House Monster Truck Videos: you enjoy our content, don’t forget to support us and subscribe :)Like & follow us on:Facebook: Kids Channel's very own site: your world with us! Send in your child's drawings, artwork, photographs, and videos while he or she is lost in our world and win a chance to be featured by us in our videos!Send in your love by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, our site or via Email.============================================Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™Video: Copyright USP Studios™============================================


Woow how did you do this no any tutorial


please do school stereotypes

Mylan Batenburg


Rabbit Draws

(°·°)/| / |\\


Man I love this video keep it coming reply plz see u in the next video

Nate the Adventurer

He looks like an alien👽👾.

Stella Park

My grades started to drop

June Lexie Gacha life

Are u still friends with James charles

Tim Rahman

Ccccc Poop

Music to my Ears



where was chanel


Can someone explain the one with flash and it says "being the fastest man can have its disadvandages"?

Watermelony _

geez i thought maz koshia gave up

Editor: Okayy......

Laura Cortinas

Gummy bears

William Hu

best clickbait title ever


WOOWW I hate Jenna, she's so pushy! 😡😡😡

Carlos Gomes

Could you guys do a soccer or football stereotype


I went to one of these once. I didn’t like it because I missed my family, but I met some good friends.

DOA Jolly

that awkward moment when the ad is longer than the video...

the real lolo lolo

such a shame that you dont upload often

Crazy lesbian Gacha life

Alright. I read like 10 comments or more and I just want to say. I think it's good that you told the story. but I got to say.. I was self bullied and no one ever apologised to me, so I got stronger and stood up for myself since 1 or 2 years. I still will always think that mary didn't deserve this, but I guess it's in the past


we are just like you check us out

And how she said ‘I was hysterical and bawling hoping she wouldn’t leave’ then ‘I didn’t cry until the last hour’


0:23 Is that worth 5 points then?

Amerie Philbert

I love this story


so dinosaurs as DLC.... EA JUST NO!!!

I love slime Squishy lover

Wait is this Thai? The dance ,the dress it all looks like Thai costumes

Wendilyn Malabed

Ty I didn’t know that you know bad words.😲


here in my garage with my new friend curt bultini drinking too many martinis but you what I like more than martinis? knowledge..... is fuckin stupid. I love hot panini's

Tristan Vansanten

The sunroof shot

Erin Moutray

who is panda



Who's watching this in 2017?


The only problem with this video

Alpaca Person

So he turned into a troll...

Alyssa Green



Привет из россии

Kimliksiz Şahıs

Do you make Deadpool Easter Egg


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