Sakyamuni Buddha Mantra 釋迦牟尼佛心咒 - Imee Ooi (黃慧音)

Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Sakyamuni Svaha1. iTunes:amazon:Google Play:

Joe Abougosh

"I Want To Swim In Gatorade!"

Gav. Man #Wilson


duncan cameron

tye can you kill cody or let him win a challenge but if hi dose not kill him

Nathan Yeety

You poor girl just remember some boys only want your body u just have to find the right boy or girl i wont judge


title is misleading >.> xD love you guys

Ava Huling

Was that a real gernade

Lateefaalk Alkandari


ashlee davenport

Wow I feel so good about my finals now from the last minute. Thanks for hyping me up!

[Wizo McNeil]

I knew you were some type of Jacksepticeye fan! His videos are great,no offense.

santicuna garlo

Martyodonnel dancing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

chicken little

Did you guys hit Cody there is no way you did that first try

Davis Kuhn

2 01 9 ?

Neel S

guys do soccer



I love you jungkook 😍

Robert Kealiher

How could anyone dislike this video?

Angelique Miller-Lawson

Grayson’s laugh at the end 😂😭😂❤️


I like his lebrons

Jop Weeyaboo

I want to see dude perfect doing wrestling

nxvh. gr

the new Kobes

Brad Dawson

bank's open!

Xtreme Games

Do you think Hank was crazy in Swiss Army Man and he made everything up? The ending was a bit confusing.



Guys! I live in Dallas! Isn't that cool? I may live near you :D


Glorification of the white man.

it's Mohammed time Elmallah

Cody is the best

Its Julia Rose

03:19 - 03:23 killed me for some reason 😂😂😂

Miziu Macedo



Dammit! Doesn't seem like Jack Frost would be in this

xiao juan he


Pancakes Waffles

Anyone here in 2018

Weird Everyday

Watching in2017

I’m Not talking to you

This video was made on the worst day of my life at schools



If you don’


The coolest "Bro Mo" y'all have posted

Luna Fox

i love GOT too!


— 3verglow

I'm an introvert, exept i can socialize if someone talks to me first, but i easily get talked over.

¡Dreamurr !

Yas anime!!

TheBaconSlayer3 Xbox

Is tiy allowed to wreck that stuff

Rupak Koirala

idiotness 2 whole new level..gotta lov it!!!😁😁


When my brother first showed me that ray gun easter egg. It blew my young mind!


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