Sadhguru meditation - Understanding Others' Feelings, What Is Empathy And Why Do We Need It

Sadhguru meditation - Understanding Others' Feelings, What Is Empathy And Why Do We Need ItThank you for watching!!!You Can Watch More Video in Here : Add Subscribe To Watch More Video

Lori Jolly

that's lieutenant Dan


They must pay a LOT for their building repairs... 😅

Poke man Dela Cruz

is this posible

Jack Octavel

Hi Guru, I'm an old follower and I don't leave a lot of comment on your videos. I want to say that I love that you now answer the comments. It shows us that you love us. I have a question. Will you do a IRL video? Continue how you're doing. (I love your new profile picture) Sorry if my english is bad, I'm Quebecer.

Hugo Santiago

I mean jeff

Carla Wallhead



They just don't call cross bow ty at all

Ry-Sky Skeliton

Desmemberment pls

My Xbox one x is just collecting dust after I got a VR setup, flat screen or full 3d immersion? Hmmmm I can't go back to flat screen games now.

Justin Armijo

TMC all the way from Albuquerque NM Nip’s raps were dope, but it was his heart and soul that moved me! Inspired me to be a better person! I appreciate the positivity J. Stone hussle and motivate! 🙏🏽💯

Friends. Friends

Jacob Moore

i think you should do jousting trick shots

Radin GeekGaming


Talyn Chamberlain

Some of these weren't even dunks and why was Ty doing all of them


coccaine???? this is the weed generation fuck coke.

Speczy OG

This looks AMAZING!!!

Just Monika

Who said girls cant play street basketI am literally only 11 and a girl and plays basket with my younger brotherHahahahahaha

Bridget Bleakley

My mom and sister both got theirs at 13...... I’m 13 in a couple months....... and I oop-

Adrian Olague

Steph Curry

Emily Hernandez

Is this the last episode!!!!😨

Thou sober-suited matron, all in black,


i love youre videos fun with guru keep up the good work i love you man


It's sad when a family member passes away. Great video! In 2015, my grandma was weak and sad because my grandpa passed a year before. She eventually got very sick so my dad had to take a flight from the US to Mexico. The flight got delayed a few hours later. When he got there, she had passed away. My mom told me the news and I was very sad. What I admired from my grandmother was that she was very kind and that she took the time to do everything for her 8 kids.


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