Sadhguru's 10 Tips To Sleep Well & Wake Up Well

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kristy butcher

Y'all should do a vid with Rob Gronkowski

Dante Aguilar Diaz

Do you know any other language? Saludos soy un fan de Mexico!(I am a big fan of you and I am from Mexico!)

Jaine Beckham

Stephen curry edition

This user loves anime

Damn...i'm so jealous of him...because he has something what i really don't have...

frozenfan elsa

Did anyone notice Elsa smiling! out of all this doom and gloom.1.20


Have you done the 8 player tranzit glitch for Black ops 2?

Emery Barber

When is Jeffree gonna come out with a foundation?



Izabella Papp

its there no a113 on frozen ? 

Shannon Cox

Garrett son is so cute

Jo Tan

now how is your two sisters?

Banana Man

Scrims bout to change late game ALOT (Actually maybe Jst a little)

Squelchy black mud 3

Why the fuck isn’t this on spotify

Honest Beauty Creme Cheek Blush

mesh vl

Love ur T-shirt man .. wish I had 1 😔

Hannah Dowds

That is why every other first world country has free healthcare

boa constrictor

And now duke has Zion

Abodey 3D

Post Malone fans are here 😎🔥

Binita Bhandari

My my parents call me ugly everyday :(

Abbie Bruyere

2:22 speaking as a broncos fan, the Mark Sanchez joke was funny as hell

Sax & Art

Come to plymoth Massachusetts because I live there and because you guys are my heros

little loser5

You should have celebrated before you did the trick shot



Why didn't the PURPLE hoser want the purple spade

Jon Wyss

Do a Hide and Seek Battle last one that is still first three goes to the Hide and Seek Finale

Brian Sciackitano

deez nutz


wouldn't the part where Elizabeth talks about the luteces. and Booker says something about giant balloons. would it be a reference to the gameplay video back in 2010?


2018 anyone?



Sbeve Rogers

Abdullah Jimmy

Bathtub was from crocodile

Magie Medina

0.001 %😴🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓


I'd suck Keanu Reeves dick. Glad this comment is getting buried.

Julius Gaduang

Saying hi in the Philippines, love your videos

Beth Halpain

so the last two years champs are going at it, head to head! YEAHHHH!

Blueish Sheep 123

How dare you mock Android

A.J. Brookes

Sadly whenever someone asks me out, I declined and say no. It’s not my time to date yet and I don’t want to emotionally attached myself to someone then they leave. I had a one boyfriend so far and our relationship was a pretty rocky start. Breaking up every three or two months until I had enough with the situation and we broke up. Nothing about our relationship was bad and we still love each other, it just it wasn’t at the right time.

Namorado Do Jimin

its better when no one talks just let the music talks :D (my opinion)

H witch stands for. I Looked into my mum messenger wich disgusted me.

Abigail Hoffman

Even though some girls might be bad at basketball (shouldn’t be ashamed of that) doesn’t mean you need to go easy on her I am great at basketball and even better at soccer and if I went one on one with a guy in soccer I would win

G. Espinoza

Giant tetherball 🤛🤛🥇🥈🥉


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