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Rita´s family homestead(Kin´s Domain) in Russia

In August 2015, Stefan interviewed Rita, who lives, together with her husband, in Russia on their family homestead. Rita revealed profound insights and experiences she gained over the last years, living on her land. This Interview is a must watch for all people who read the Anastasia books(ringing cedars of Russia) or who are interested in creating their own family homestead and live happily.Enjoy 35 Minutes with Stefan and Rita and get inspired, lifted up and happy! :)To order the Anastasia books please go to

martina ahjah

Tom Brady want song name!

Vicky Mathews

We love y’all so much for your time and your life

Rita Zagasta Leyva

I love over time dude perfect you ar the best




wow, I'm early

What's going on and what's next?

Angela Warren


Peter Henry

Now THIS is a story!

veinss vise

that snoopy reference tho

manas dua



This is sad who made this who ever made this show be sham for their shell


Now I want Pringles....😂😅💓

Denis Groombridge

Dude 888111

Ralsei WantFriends

dude, spanish translation is SO WEIRD 4:45

jack innes

DUDE!!!! the mirriors egde one. the feels

semantika love

Can't wait for its release. I am sure it will be a blockbuster!! The trailer already looks do amazing.🤩

żartowniś z youtube

0:46 i did it too

pedrito almonte

alguien sabe quien es la modelo principal?

Maleah's Diary

I F🤬CKIN Love Guillermo! Please don't tap on my face.

Queen Njeri

This reminds me of something really bad.😧

DIzzyY's MSD

He called her a pimp multiple times 😡😤

Farah Alhabib

This is so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

Hewo Awad

why is Tom Felton so underrated?

Death Killer 347

Mario theme song

Adrian Ferrando

What if the record man is just reusing the same certificate over and over

Louis Gui

Who saw Cory dab then like if u have

Matheus 2245

2:23 wow this cap is flyEdit 1: algum br em 2019?

Jean Raymond Pierre

Isn't it weird how Tyler didn't have a beard in the beginning but he does at the end

Vinh Nguyen

Cory & Coby so handsome

Lily Roodenrys

all of the dislikes are the

Marlo Bales

Cody is a fish licker

Oh and I see speed demons all the time but they know what they are doing




3:55 to me that says the rapist...

Alan M

I love Bioshock and I don't remember that easter egg but they've done that behind you thing a bit and it gets Everytime

Dina Krastiņa


Xavi O.

macarena macarena !!

deborah moon

I hated this video because it’s a Dallas hockey player playing the game it’s a terrible and horrible game.

Enid Robloxnörden



Anyone notice that tys pads were on the wrong legs

Munchiee Mob

Awesome top 10

Iyaadh Gaming


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