Rise of the Phoenix - Transforming Your Soul [Guided Shamanic Meditation]

Rise of the Phoenix is one of the most powerful guided meditations you will ever do. It takes you through the fires to transform to rebirth a new "you". It is one of the highest rated meditations on the popular app, Insight Timer with listeners saying:Ethan from Johannesburg, South Africa says:"Second time I have done this Rise of the Phoenix and my word what an experience this time round! Thank you for such a beautiful technique ❤️🌞🌟"Renata from Italia says:" It was the most exciting journey of my life. It was really the first deep into myself. So many thanks. God bless you "Carrol from Ortonville Mi says:"'Absolutely the most powerful cleansing and light-filled experience. If you were led to this meditation and it doesn't quite fit yet, keep coming back. There is amazing grace here. Namaste" Jaineesh in Fort Worth says: "Very powerful!! I went through a divorce and had some anger, resentment inside and I feel so relieved!! I even saw my mom and grandma as my guides!! I know they are watching over me and felt gratitude for all the good things in my life!! Have goosebumps all over me now!! Thank u for this will do again!!"But don't take their word for it, or mine, take your own journey and if you love it ... please leave a comment below or give a review on our website at


Thx this help me alot

Purple Flamingo

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100 subs with no video challenge

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Lengag0thitz Tv



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Jay MLG Gamer

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Миша Медведев




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chris dobbs

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