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TheGaming Addict

2:11 the Sound of Anime swords


do you ever play games with fans, guru?

Life is not easy for me

danielle hensley

I gave 1000 likes ty you are awesome

Laser Bacon

Ha no

Cody Waddell

Team Cody

Fynn Moller

He's right about the ditto theory trust me I'm the biggest know it all on Pokemon

Pedro Henrique

47 flying with an umbrella is one the most hilarious thing I have ever seen

I'm all for opinions but using this as an example is a extremely stupid way to send the message. This video essentially trying to tell people that it's ok to be a bigot while trying to say not to be one at the same time.

Olivia Puppiesss

The girl across my table stared at me but I'm not out here Shari g something basic 😂😂😂

But you could lock it down, I could tell by how you treat me

Max Sokolov

Werdest Call Of Duty game)))

Tyson Ramsey

Don't dislike this vid

The Sarcastic Oxomiya

We know your Name Joseph Allen. Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Flynn Land

who is panda

um.. sexist much??


Where is Hans?

I’m Surprised

I escaped my country

Michael Kinchela

How are you so good

NaRu Toes


Adaleus Cates

Ydo you needso muchgum

sun kayastha

Oh that was a 💕💕💕💕 fairytale 😂


Thats not bowsers castle...

ralf gabriel

Ty Is good at throwing xD


I laugh on the troll part. Man they really put that easter egg from that E3 gameplay

fun fact

Commented only for likes and comments 🤣🤣🤣

hazel rivas



I guess I used to be much more introverted, but it kind of changed. Even though I still love me some alone time, especially after being with people all day

Aniket Kini


Bobby Winters

Can you light magnesium with a Fresnel lens?


This is Juliene maybe...

P4nda Eye5

FWG Why does it take so long to upload you're videos?

Puppy Lover

panda is the best dancer


Top Ten Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs And Secrets.

My name Is Jeff

Thumbnail is me when I’m reborn as a roach and I can eat whatever I want, play Minecraft and jack off with my spare arms, and also survive nuclear radiation

Coco Creme

I have experienced 8/9 symptoms almost everyday...

Kimberly Chockley

Omgosh, im so sorry.

*gets A-*

Tik Tok Corner

150 th like and comment no 52


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