MAHA-MOOLA MANTRAOmSat Chit Ananda ParabrahmaPurushothama ParamatmaSri Bhagavathi SamethaSri Bhagavathe NamahaMaha-Moola mantra is a very powerful potion of divine energies which takes away any negative energies from within and around your mind and body. This mantra calls upon the creator of positivity to fill up your life with his presence. It also calls upon the divine Mother to protect us from all negativity affecting our life. This mantra leaves you with pure bliss and positive attitude. A sense of renewal is felt in just a few minutes. Listening or chanting this mantra gives you an opportunity to get rid of all that may have been haunting you emotionally and spiritually.Keep your house and office free of clutter, keep your body hygienic by taking daily shower and let the divine take charge of your Life to get the best results from this mantra. Om - We are calling on the highest energy, of all there isSat - The formlessChit - Consciousness of the universeAnanda- Pure love, bliss and joyPara brahma --The supreme creatorPurushothama -Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankindParamatma -Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I askSri Bhagavati - The divine mother, the power aspect of creationSame tha- Together withinSri Bhagavate -The Father of creation which is unchangeable and permanentNamaha- I thank you and acknowledge this presance in my life. I ask for your guidance at all timesOMTake your meditation to the next level with 100% original certified Rudraksh Mala 108 beads.Considered to be a gift of Shiva, Rudraksh Mala has amazing physical and spiritual benefits.Each Dhyaan-mala is personally energized by DhyaanGuru.YOU READY FOR TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR LIFE ? LOOK NO FURTHER !DHYAANGURU is a Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivator, Doctor and a Spiritual Guide who has helped thousands over the years with Lectures and workshops on Self-Development, Meditation and Mantras.The healing mantras by Dhyaanguru are not just to provide spiritual benefits, but also to manifest in psycho-physiological healing. They work at the core level of the human system, DNA. The vibrations and frequencies of these powerful mantras have shown tremendous healing properties. Thousands of people have shared their success stories on Youtube. Let us join together to heal our Mind, Body and Soul with Dhyaanguru !LEARN ABOUT DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL,MD : THE LINKS BELOW TO CONNECT WITH DHYAANGURU : YOUR GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL HEALING !WEBSITE : : : : : : CHARITY: DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL, MD, MBA, MHTALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MANTRAS : COLLECTION OF MANTRAS :TO DOWNLOAD MANTRAS :CDBVABY:

Drake Rodriguez

Looks like that are having sex 1:01

at the very beginning of the game, you meet 3 figures wearing masks.

Thuan Pham

I wonder how did they have all those bottles to break on Cory's head =))))

Timothy Begg

GO TYE!!!!

Hopefully, we don't have no babies (Ooh)


I laughed so fucking hard when Cory in the House showed up. XD


0:37 im German, now officially a purple hoser

THOT 100

Jeanet Faciolan

The twisty pop was op

Yes its me again

Ayesha Curry~ This is rigged

Alison Ortega

Girl I got a phone when I was 9 and a half😄😄😄

• Prinzalina Wallis •




Dayton McCarville

poodypoo XD



MinerKev29 Koh29

Lol 😂

Ibrohim Alimuhammedov

How can u do it😌😌

Michael cruz

Ai laik iu vídios :v aprendi en inglitch laif :v buen video we te ganaste un naik

Lukas Mueller

Another AWSOME vidieo, I had to like this one!

John Peele

Can I beat him up


Stephen Curry

Upto Kill

These Easter eggs must have taken forever

The Blue Child

I’ve been recovering from anorexia for about 3 months now, I don’t know how it happened, just one day I didn’t eat one day and thought “wow, I’ve missed an entire day of food...” and then...everything changed, I didn’t eat for weeks, only dinners (and I’d eat it super quickly and then lock myself away or vomit it up) to the point where I was passing out in class, my parents had no idea about it, they never knew until my girlfriend told them (since I told her) and they were so angry at me, so that made me eat even less, they didn’t help, so I just ate an average of 10 pieces of popcorn a day (thanks to my girlfriend again) is more then enough to make me like this video❤️🧡❤️💛❤️🧡❤️

Cole Raetzel

Omg there doing this

Nathan Curr

Too rich

Emma Thurman


im not supposed to be here

16:43 Science = Magic + Logic

Bubbie ThaFoo

Bout time someone made a weeping angel reference

Jay Johnson

Keep holding it down!

Sophia_ Playz

During the 5 stages of grief, I related to almost every single one. Except for the last one. I lost my grandpa 3 years ago and I am still in depression I can’t get over it he was so close to us. He seemed alright. They told me everything was going to be fine.


when the man said "big time" it looks like the ball is going to hit the camera.

Nils Eklund this guy made a remix on a vid about you watch it or even make a vid about it

dillon venters the vr kid

Yeah, this is definitely fake. I’m pretty sure this girl did not make Harry Potter.

Pablo gamer


thegaming mango

why dont u speek

Dead memes never Die

Black wolf I am

National Socialist Nutritionist

Just imagine this and animal bikes it would be like a baby dragon and a dragon

Erik Doboš

Man u are the best for me. Cheers

Roberval Matos

minicraft imposible


0:47 wait was that gun shooting out guns?

Arctic Gem2

I think it looks great, I'm really proud of Cameron Monaghan for getting the opportunity to play the MC. Only thing I noticed that I thought could be better is the lack of fluidity between making him instantly change between actions like theres a little lag I can see. But besides that looks good.

Julitta Gajewska

I suffer from panic attack for almost every day and is really bad experience,even I have the knowledge is not really helping much when the panic attack outbreak


I’ve been there


I don't know I don't see any mistakes on the other comment. Only the periods and that's it

minecraft anime fan

you are very perfect

Random Person

*bikini bottom wants to know your location


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