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Relaxing Bird Song, Nature Sounds & Flowers for Stress Relief, Meditation, Sleep & Study

I have created this set of relaxing beautiful scenery, calming relaxation videos to be played in the background during meditation or study. The videos are also perfect to play while trying to relax or get to sleep.Relaxing Bird Song, Nature Sounds & Flowers for Stress Relief, Meditation, Sleep & Study - Filmed in Cornwall EnglandVideo Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall


I’m CRazY I took a pic with my bestie,posted it and didn’t tag her🤪🤪🙃

Frostplayz 37

my favorite shot is no lookin' pin ticker

Just Cool Studio


My thoughts on this open relationship is why don’t your parents just remain good friends and co-parent while being in a relationship with their respective partners. That just seems way easier to me.

sweet home Alabama plays

Cute Cokie


The Dark Knight

12:23 Im sorry small one.

Obsolete Excellence

All of that time finding all the easter eggs just for a music montage

dylan carlson

holy crap thats sick

Hmmm seems legit

Kathryns C

I am from Serbia and i understand everything she said .. and it hurts to see people who hate each others because of what their racist is or if they are bi sexual....i undertand you girl

Nghia Nguyen

How to

Michael Khalil

I do


This is how much times they yell yea👇🏽

Calum Chhikara

I was taking a shit while listening to this now it’s on fire and it burned down my house

Jason Gibson

There was no big ball of water where anime characters indefinitely swim and play a game.I for one am very disappointed smh 🙄

Herrn 15

Shark on, shark on!!


Face that doesn't change after 9 years Cody and Garret

prem bargujar

Bottle flip bouncer is incredible


Where was Portable Ops? That wasn't any of the Metal Gear logos to try and erase? Maybe Kojima is saving that for a later reveal of whether that game is truly canon or not, since there's talk of a Portable Ops character recurring in MGSV, potentially confirming the game as canon. I do love that Metal Gear Rising and the other uncanon games didn't get erased. A blatant mockery of their uncanon-ness by Kojima. xD I love that man.

Jacob Reed

who's watching in 2017?????

Konrad pereira

I doubt if all of the trick shots are real or fake


Is the wit her a good game ? It looks kinda cartoony


Maria Loves Zendaya


Malia plays

Gnfjcj kej bad and.You. Stinks but it's not like you have a lot of work

battlefield 1 better be better

Rocket Knives Jr

You should have a dirt bike race next




u know what i don't get? why does it un-equip his notched pickaxe at 1:13 when it is a pickaxe and then it pulls out another one.

5M - 🔐 Still likes

Artic Aspen

wow nice dude perfect

Symptom 1: Honestly, yes Ive been feeling sad for a long time now and I dont know why... I just feel so empty inside.
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