Real or Bogus? Manifesting Energy Happiness Money Dream Boards Confidence Soul Mates? Paul Santisi

class="metadata-updateable-description" Hi, Paul Santisi here. Sharing two of the hottest shows that are airing all across the US and abroad. The response is 100% fantastic from people who are taking control over there lives FAST!Enjoy the presentations. Two shows on one stream so come back to watch both.You know I love ya!Paul SantisiHere is the special link for those of you interested.WHAT You WANT WANTS YOU SPECIALBOARD SECRETS SPECIALknow I love ya!Paul Santisi

Wtf is he sad about explain please

Yxng Josiah

anyone watching this in 2022


I am watching this in 2018 and the video quality isn't very good but da trickshots are real!!!

Lucy Summerhall

I feel so bad for Chandler ;-;

Patrick Comer


I also have BPD, and got almost to the end of DBT

Goo Blah


Me: I'm Still Single an the age of 12

MLG Supreme

Why am I watching this while I’m sick

Giovanny Abundiz

You must respect women, not be them. Sorry if I triggered any liberals.

Dario Detaro

!ti daer nac uoy fi tnemmoc siht ekiL

Eddie Greene

Tyler looks so different

Rebecca Schmaltz

dang it

LIL DUNK Playland

Polo G - Pop Out Even More Ft.Lil Durk and Lil Zay Osama


imagine if they spent all day doing something not worthless


Pls put the goalie pads on the right way

Felmast Pro Mclane

Then, a community of designers

Jhow Fernandes


Seth Tenberg

About number 7 on the list, if u fly a banshee an go through the building/portal, u get a phantom.


29:00 WTF?!

Jeremy Filomio



What does Lilith mean she "used to be one"? I thought sirens don't stop being sirens until they're dead?

Jacob St Amant

anyone watching in 2019

Electro Gaming 87

Go packers

Данюха и Настюха



I knew it was checkers


Even this is better without LeBron!!

T W E L V E .

Hey everyone try to pause it at 0:10 LOL


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