Prayer For Healing Sickness - Short Healing Prayer For The Sick

For Healing Sickness - Short Healing Prayer For The SickBe sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the channel! :) can SUPPORT and PARTNER with the ministry here: can SHOP for ministry merch here:To The Prayer For Healing Sickness. Heavenly Father, we gather together here online and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus. Where two or more are gathered there You shall surely be and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement and lift up healing any and all sickness in their bodies.Lord, thank You for sending Your Word to heal those listening now and delivering them from all their destructions.Jesus paid it all for them.Jesus is the Word Who became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus bore their pains and carried their sickness.He was pierced through for their transgressions and crushed for their iniquities.The chastisement of their well being was upon Him and by His stripes they were healed.The Book of James says that the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up...The Mind of Christ is theirs and we bind their thoughts, feelings and the intent of their heart to You.Every negative and ungodly attitude, addiction, idea, desire, habit, behaviour, and belief, we lift up to You and loose it from binding them any longer in Jesus Name.We loose any negative strongholds in their life and break the power of them in the listener’s life in Jesus Name.We declare the angels of God who are ministering spirits go forth and protect and supply those listening with everything they have need to walk in victory...We thank You that the power of the enemy is no match for the One who lives inside those listening to and agreeing with this prayer. Yes, the listener is delivered from this present evil world.They are delivered from the powers of darkness!Father, let Your love fill every aspect of the life of those listening. Where Your love is there is no fear.Let Your peace and protection fill them up and surround them everywhere they go by land, water, or air.We ask that you fill those listening with Your love, peace, Spirit, wisdom, revelation, and understanding in the name of Jesus.Thank You Lord that the listener is redeemed out of the hand of Satan by the blood of Jesus.They are justified and made righteous by the blood of Jesus and belong to You.The listener has escaped the snare of the devil who has held them captive.The listener does Your will.They will glorify You in their spirit, soul, and body.Thank You Father that Jesus was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.The devil’s works are destroyed in the listener’s life in the name of Jesus.The listener walks in the Kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit!Praise the Lord!Thank You that those listening will prosper and be in health, even as their soul prospers.We believe we receive healing for all sickness and thank You in the wonderful Name of Jesus.Hallelujah!Amen.Scriptures:Prov 4:20-22Exo 15:26Psalm 107:19-21Exo 23:25Isa 53:4-5Psalm 41-:2-3Mat 8:17Mat 9:35Luke 8:43-481 Pet 2:24James 5:16Psalm 34:17Psalm 107:62 Sam 22:2Psalm 50:15James 5:16Psalm 34:4Gal 5:1John 8:32Jer 1:7-82 Pet 2:9Mat 10:1If you would like others to continue to pray with you visit:For Healing In Jesus NameFor Jesus ChristFor Life PartnerFor Godly HusbandFor Supernatural Weight LossFor CanadaFor Deliverance From LustFor Family ProtectionFor SalvationFor Holy SpiritCopyright DailyEffectivePrayer.comprayer for sicknesshealing prayer for the sickprayer for healing sickness#prayerforhealingsickness #prayerforhealing

Natalie Hernandez

All of these were BOMB!

Danika Raison

I was around 6 when I first noticed my dad drinking problems. First memory of him was him trashing the house and yelling at everyone around him while drunk. Guys, don’t drink and do stuff like that in front of your children... I beg. It scarred them for life.


What server are you on?

Riley May


Dez Shackle


Shyll Shiro


limi limmi

4:53 that’s hard to look at

Sebas Gboy

3:20 funny


coulda sworn that ditto was already confirmed to be a failed clone of mew in the games and shows.

Ryumania Sly

7:00 isn't that blind Writing?



This right here is a trailer!!! It spoils nothing and only hypes you up for the movie :D <3

Tigerhouse N 2 315

6:40 dddd Dora! For Dora the explora!

Cristian Leandro Rodriguez Villafañe

Waooo man!! This video is fucking awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Matt B

Wow they did this at the Pather Arena

Crazy Lover


Unicorns_ are bae


aj is an idiot

m y

badut bakekok

Wait, there is no"i burried paul easter egg"?

Lynch Alexis


Chandler Watson



The bass pro pyramid is a historic landmark

Andrew Kolotyliuk

i always look up voice actors for characters i like and then check them out in other shows or their socials and interviews. i think voice acting is super interesting.

Illuminati Breakfast

Gatorade in Africa could have drank those kids.


If you write "awesome" in the video, the time bar will turn into rainbow mode.

Francisco Luz

You guys are awesome

After that, I wasn’t as shy. And he had stop bullying me since the Teachers talked to him.

Babygirl Brooks

Poor Madeline 🤣🤣🤣

Hardcore American Gamer

Ew don't touch the players now you have AIDS good job smh.

Maj Jerman

Coll video


or about the empire state building

Graham Schrodel

look at the difference between this and their current videos.

Miles Thompson

Why should he care that you’re autistic? It doesn’t change you

Perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect that ended up like yours then

RiRi Smith

Ok I low-key felt bad for Ethan when they didn’t read his and I like Grayson better so anyone else

Z Flaze

I think ty is going to win

Dead Boy

“BlOcK ThEm” seriously? How about you if you’re weak just grab a bat and beat them dafuq up? Much better

Havri Horse

This is probably one of my favorite video game channels. please keep doing what you do guru. your style of videos to me is very unique and it fills me with joy whenever you release a new video. keep up the hard work.

Brenden Warrick Cajudo

Wow you look different


oh man play deads inside reminded me of your theory video! Please do more of those if you come up with any.


I'm the phone addict.

hey.its. lucyxx

To everyone mocking the account and the title in the comments, shes a girl who's in alot of trouble and needs help and needs advice so please stop

Jack Ladds

Super Cringe


Thanks for this video I love Pixar animations


Me arse




really want to make the video


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