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Power of Silence - 25/02/2018 (B K ShivaniBen)

International Conference Cum Cultural Festival - God's Plan: Rajyoga for World Peace, Health & Happiness, from 23rd to 27th Feb 2018

Random_ Sarge

1%of comments : bill gates



Michael Farrington

Do a video in the "keto" diet

carson lee

My dad died when I was 4 and I barely remember him

jk I feel bad

Derp Narwhal

yes but where did the skill points come from

hit circle

Your girlfriend was just worried that's all, I would be worried too if my boyfriend smoked nonstop

hits the woah

Pink Cookie Crumble

Love you guys!!!

Taeyong Lee

ok i think kylie is a really good mom


Halle Berry and YG would make some spicy ass kids.


what is that song?

Mr Blobby

Hi bipolar and see things that arnt real

Ciara Diver

When it sayed he left me on our anniversary I thought he broke up with her but when he died I got sad. sorry for your loss

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