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Her: let me send a whole letter into this YouTube channel, instead of simply blocking the person.

Sarah Vlog’s and games

I don’t gone fly with the plane ✈️


5:58 you mean sign up mate.

Zheru Zhong

what's the song with the dick butt guru?

i want to eat your socks

lol wtf? who bullies someone for being a foreigner...thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard of. And theyre both white races as well so I don’t really understand...

Saad Ali


Michael Pierce

The 60 yarder

Sasha Cachia



Were those baseballs coming out of the pitching machine??????

Thomas Heilman

I love hockey


I remember a few years ago when I played CoOp with others on HALO2 that a friend hacked to fly up there and gave me that plasma rifle. :)

Nate Schwartz

2:40 imagine if they forgot to roll down the windows

Baraa Khan

Reactors react to this

Rage monster (He is mad because Mr. has a lot of pets brought his pets to Rage monster’s house and all of them kept going to the bathroom n the floor)

Aylin Uribe

I knew that it was a checker board


The best game of all time but that's just my opinion


Saquon Barkley ple

Micha Quakkelaar

Thank you for the Nederlands translate

Jason McInturf

Gaming room


Ok YouTube I watched it

Trae Hampson

I had goosebumps before the song even started, and they didn't go away till it was over.. NF is that dude .

_sports_life_09 _

Wow... I'm late.

Mayur Goswami

This is the life :')

skillet minecraft

my name is ricky to

A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium

Milking the same shit. Let me guess, Kakarot is DLC lol.

Me: gets a or C. well I'm passing

MiRo NaChO


Chris Spin

High to low

Emily Lonergan

Brother:you're not good enough to run the business!( Adidas is more successful)

Marcos Martorell

am i the only one who hasn’t learned their names yet?

Margaux Gadiane


Bobby Brown

he has a pistol cause if he miss hes going to shoot the camera man


Marshmallow dodge ball haha

Ayla Meier


Princelike Trash

Just a tip for the artist, you should try and draw your arms a little longer. Love the art, anyways!

DigitalFilm JamesT

Uh? Dr. Goodhead? lol. Back when Moonraker was made, they weren't calling blow jobs back then "Head" or "Giving Head". That came later....But its still funny.

Justus R

I thought I was the only one who got tingles from the wand choosing scene😂😃 I literally used to rewind that scene dozens of times just for the sensation when I was like 7 or 8 lol


Man, love that Sly 2 Easter Egg! By the way, does anyone know if that egg is still present in the remastered collection?


o ok thx coz iv been wondering wat an easter egg is for a wile now

Brendon Urie

This sucks

Myra ᗩᗪᒪᗴᖇ

OwO? Is this inspired from a comment I made??


What is the intro song ? 

Just wow


are you on the Rough Riders Stadium?


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