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رضاوي العقابي 777

صباح الخير يا عرب

Yeye Glez

is ameising


LOLOLOL this is great

Mc Boi and Cool Stuff

Asmr Yoda eating a hamburger while my parents fight downstairs

Sorin Doban

If youre like that kim jonh un get people a little more wealthy i mean seriously

Denser _


Felicite Noubissi_Kamdem

Go girl I would just dump him straight up in front of the whole entire school

Dominik Arnet

Cory will win

Stanciu Elena

imagine how expensive it'll be

Girl senpai Asmr

Elsa: looks like we’re going for a swim

Miss Mia

You forgot The one who talks really loud about the weirdest things

Hyderabadi wow

Fuck off

MJ ThePrince


Fakhri Renaldi


Seth Smiley

I'm the creepy pickle guy😂😂😂



Annalena Heuten

I'm glad u guys released the sharks

Raffy Cleofas



jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells are weird i like to kill every one in the room dashing though the snow in a pair of broken ski's over the hills we go crashing into trees the snow is turning red i thing i may be dead i woke up in the hospital with stitches in my head. i made up this song can i get a like?


Those fans are garbage but then they weren't treated any better here on the West coast. Booing a fighter after a fight should be looked at like booing any other combat veteran.

Gavin A


Blue Frost

Tom is my spirit animal

Knight Armor King

72m view

John McClane vs. John Wick

Samuel Myers


Bam Bhole

35:20 The price we pay for our BIG BRAINS

1 dislike=1Jimmy

Nathan Vasquez

I'm eating takis

Mario Squarta

What is the "mini cars" name? Plz ans me


And the hair

Joshua Dekker

ty is the best

Lucky Nading


Anibal Mora

Lol the Super Ditto

Random Peep

Your too dramatic, stop overreacting he saved ur life “MISSY”

Starchy Disc


I can read your mind now, stay


Perfect Ending to an evening, a Guru video

Red Horizons


Jakob Bauer

Imagine Tom Brady telling you he like's your Videos...

Vincent Foley

Can you please do ASMR 3

BTS needs to see this

Boy: “yOu BrInG mE mOnEy Or IlL hUrT yOu-“ When you feel something is because you already thought of every possibility. So if you feel guilty is probably because you should.( Unless you suffer from depression)

Flew the coop at 17, no guidance


Normal gamers so excited to play 120 8k fps soon

Keld Lamberth

amazing clash of clans getcocfreegems is the way to go


Film in georgia


Can we just have Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Remastered with online and the new characters from DBS? Also add blood into the games. Just like the original DBZ show.

Jennifer Moreno

That Jennifer is a disgrace to Jennifer's

Naeelah Odd Potter

Team Coby. Poor guy

Zell Tolbert

2:04 I actually remember suggesting you show the other Terminator 2 Reference in the game where if one of the robots died by falling in the water, they'd give a thumbs up, referencing the end of the movie. XD

Slayer Runefrost

the frozen jar jar can also be seen in Jabba's palace in Disney infinity 3.0

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