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Poverty is Not An Accident | An Illuminating Interview With Robert Kiyosaki

"Never Teach Them What The Rich Know" . This interview will open your eyes.►OUR CLOTHING LINE : If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. the Live Accelerator Course: Alarm Tones DAD, POOR DAD Book: video was made in collaboration with our friends from London Real.Subscribe to their channel!us: Robert KiyosakiFull interview: licensed through:Videoblocks►Music from Audiojungle►Copyright disclaimer:We own commercial licenses for all the content used in this video.Help us caption & translate this video!

Silverio Soto

Elon Musk


where did all the dude perfect wipeout vids go? i wanna see em... who wins the golden pumpkin?!?

Jammy Bugger

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Super Vỹ

Heatshot panda


Meanwhile she’s not even living in the 2019 she’s livening in the 1980


Cool games!!

Sergio Mejia

8:34 vector camo?

Kim D'souza

Cody is a real and living example of the phrase " The word Impossible says I'm possible."

Jessica Martinez

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C Wicht

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Her: I’m fat...


Guys look at the back ground music singer in the description XD

Max Power

Glad to hear the text will still be appearing, hearing your voice kind of shatters the mystery.

payal goyal

Where's coby and Cory

# Zephyr Woomy #

Everybody takes my depression, anxiety and ADHD for granted. I mean, I may have a few privileges in my school, but sometimes it affects me physically...

Али Дуйшеев

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Melissa Spitzer


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He is awesome

Babarian : wait a minute who are you?

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