Peaceful Relaxing Music • Meditation music • Music for stress relief ☯ 1

Enjoy this peaceful music. This is the perfect music composition for meditation, music for deep sleep, music for healing, spa music, music for massages, music for studying...Have a great day, have a great life.

Isn't that were Spongebob lives?

Avery Armstrong

Come one ty

Sarah Hansen

I have an easter egg that people always seem to not notice.




John Ruggeri

Car Salesman Stereotypes

Emang 257

Ty use his trophy glass

Fisher Huff

Who else remembers in 2013 being so happy to see this video being uploaded

Sean T

Why would anyone dislike this video


whos watching in 2017

Connor Daniels

Ired Sox

Nicholas Colton

Plus they should put DudePerfect in the NFL


can i have some merge?

Apex Savage

I think red wins

Try me.

Cordell Carl McWilliams

I think that first Burger King verse was too fire. He wins.

Bill. Ross

Cake is good

JaMoni Hill

whos is that nigga he is in all of ur vids no disrespect

Literally nobody:

R31 K

Prince ea dropping the realest messages as usual. Gotta love it appreciate these vids so much

Katherine Romero

As she keep talking she voice sound like she is going to cry


Kid? No.

KooL KeitH

I'm not a GSW fan or Raptors But Raps had some trash ass fans in attendance that night.. for cheering bc of a player getting injured..

dylan favre

Reason to like the video ? Fat guy xD


stop bulling at one of the brothers

Darci Washausen

The second one will be S.A.D.P.A.S.B.B.

"Happy Birthday, congratulations! Happy Birthday, with salutations! Happy Birthday, may the skies stay bluuuuuue. Happy Birthday, to yooooooou!"

Gamer 24

And there more hardcore back in the day


destiny was planned years ahead! damn

Kyler Seal

I love how there's a disclaimer at the beginning of the game where it says like any reference to any real characters or location is pure coincidence. Apparently this wasn't clear with the Easter egg crew :P

Malecque Williams

Nipsey said it in racks in the middle how his friend 30 something after banging all them years just stone said Nipsey how he die 30 something after banging all them years did y'all hear that

Tori Peregrina

As always... Go big and God bless

Owen Hyde

Can u make the game for iPod 4/5?! Please

Nolan Anthony

Film with someone from the Dallas Cowboys




K Robin

They did a jump shot during the video

Unicorn crossing

Well your mama was very stupid until she took literacy classes good for her now she can critically think about stuipd she use to be.

Otto szűcs

yummy nummies !!

I know who is the panda

proplayer PRODUCTION


M Bell

I’m crying 😥😰

Fourty Orphans

DBZ Kai is looking good


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