Peaceful Beach with Waves - 10 HOURS - Background Sounds for Therapy, Sleeping & Meditation

Perfect for Relaxation & Background Therapy, Sleeping, Meditation and more! Amazing and Realistic! These are the real sounds of a peaceful beach ambiance!A hot beach by the ocean with sounds of the waves. Best Relaxation Sleep Sounds for 10 HOURS. For background, ambiance, sleeping, meditation, spas, relaxation, de-stressing, therapy etc. Sounds of the ocean and beach / seashore / seaside / coast for 10 entire hours of beach therapy.Like our Facebook page!10 Hour Natural Relaxation Videos:Family Beach with People 10 hours: / Flowing Stream 10 hr: River 10 hr : Brook 10 hr: Waves Paradise 10 hrs: Paradise Sounds 10 hrs: sounds,for sleep,beach with people,people sounds,people having fun,summer beach,for relaxation,sea waves,ocean waves,ocean sea,wave sounds,for sleeping,sleep sounds,relaxing waves,relaxing ocean,beach sounds,ocean sounds,wave sounds,sound of waves,for yoga,for meditation,for reiki,for massage,for spa,10 hoursSounds from the forest. All are live records with binaural microphones. Use headphones for the best more immersive experience!


@Longboarderz09 oh so now people aren't allowed to make more than one type of video? seriously don't you think they would get bored of the same thing over and over again?

Big boi chase

#1 + do a face reveal

Seb Fernandez

Why do I feel like Brave and Frozen are somehow connected?


What about that kid who always doesn’t stop talking

Glenn Bameshoe

no one cares shut the fuck up


Rip money 💵


and everybody clapped


In AC4 I thought the tentacles were a snake. Or maybe it's in another place. 

The Cunning Cuber

Who disliked it

The- potato-warrior

THiS iS TruMPs faULt

Era Rey

#4 trending in Singapore!!!

kenny brewer


But I can tell, this was the kinda fight that the fans appreciate

D The Diva

it's amazing what love does

momo a


Shae Witts


Bobby Brenninkmeyer

whos still watching in 2019

A Kid

Rip garrets hair

Eve De Groot

She should well up in tears then run away while anxiety constantly yells at her telling he to stop. Suddenly she spins around and sees that everyone is staring. She bears a forced smile and attempts to take a casual sip of coffee while turning in the direction of her car and fast-walking towards it. As soon as she does though, she realises the coffee is stone cold and she spits it out straight away... all over Jim who followed her from the coffee shop. “I’m so sorry!” she says then hesitated and stares at Jim who is laughing and slapping his knees. “What?” You ask and he replies “you just can’t help yourself from spilling things on me!”, before telling you to sit at one of the tables outside the coffee shop. “Soy latte is it? I could hear you yelling about it.” He laughs again. You stutter “ um yes- I mean, I’ll pay myself let me just get m-“ “its ok..” says Jim, looking at you, “just wait here to calm down.” She feels so embarrassed, burrying her face in her hands, but reassured all the same. Before she knows it, she is sitting obediently at the other end of the table from Jim, trying to ignore anxiety who is ruthlessly reminding her of the fact that she should be ashamed at blatantly wasting Jim’s time which he could be spending with someone who is worth something. He pushes her latte towards her and stares kindly into your eyes, “here, this will make up for our last date; it may not be as fancy, but it could be nice if we try to make it nice. Tell me, what are you thinking right now?”.......... 😃

C Sharp

sound is transmitted through air, therefore there is no sound in space

Jaelyn Anderson

I’m team Cory!!!

Google : YOUR DYING!

Amber Shane

I wouldn't be able to cope with the fact that I can't move parts of my body. I already FREAK OUT when I get sleep paralysis and cant move my body for like ONE DAMN MINUTE, but I'm glad she's happy


ty"s the best and is that cody n the glasses


I'm a new fan of ateez what do they call their fans???

Austin Leonard

I just found out that I am going to the tour in Denver, co

Cheesehead Hi!

The Slavic countries want to know your location

Jake Melvin

Everyone go subscribe to my channel. I’m trying to get 100 subscribers by the end of the year and prove my friends wrong. Thank you!

Lane Sanchez

Wish He had put where you can find Isaac Clarke's helmet in the BF3 DLC

Nick Guerra

Open Door

Keanu Onate

do a face reveal

Nick Ramos

Music was A1

Henil Patel

I love the background song AND the video.

Jade Nord

I saved my gay friend with a kiss..

BayArea Life



Yes! The satisfaction ingot out of killing someone in max Payne 3 in a free roaming game! This will be my favorite game


I think I'll buy this game only for try the doge mode

Dear Future Pablo

youll shoot you eye out from a christmas story

Clarisa Bebe


Ender Squish

This was super heartbreaking, my condolences dear.


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