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Letting Go of Thoughts To Create in the Present | Guided Meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza Students

Links:Join our Newsletter: our Website: a Facilitation Session: guided meditation is designed to help you let go of your past and future thoughts and create your intended future from the present moment. This meditation is inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza and his excellent teachings that help people in so many ways. It is also inspired by the teachings of Karmic Healer John Jones.In this guided meditation we'll let go of our thoughts, memories, and past in order to enter the generous present moment. As we enter that space we will expand into it - allowing ourselves to linger in the present moment and experience it fully. Then, we'll fill that space with an emotion of our choosing - the emotion and feelings that we most want to feel in our lives - the end product of our deepest goals. And we'll choose an intention and allow that intention to become energized and propelled by this emotion - going into the quantum field and beyond the boundaries of matter, time and space. We'll become this emotion completely in the present and begin to receive our most deeply desired future in the present as we feel and become it. In so doing, we bring the love, abundance and healing we seek into our lives by simply being and receiving.

YourWelcome 3D

this was recorded the day I turned 8


Shark puppets 8 Cousin


wayne gagnon

Oakland Raiders rule


RIP Shifty man, taken too soon, but never forgotten

If he said you were ugly, just remember that he asked you to date him.

Lucan Gosett

I remember seeing this in 2009 when it was front paged


FINALLY! someone found that  spinning ghost easter egg, ps. u would have gotten the games main character if u stood on the other platform

Lightseek3r Lol

Fake it said 1918 that would mean he’s 100 years old -_-

Stonecold customs

I'm I the only one who knows who those wrestler are

Fabio Reche

Why did you remove the blackout video :(??

Minecraft asmr Skertskert

I don’t support the gay community, but I definitely don’t hate them. It’s just my opinion, and I accept your opinion. you are who you are.

iiPeachSun :3

This will get lost in all the comments if u see this then it means u will have good luck



Darius Marian


The 8 Years: Hold my beer.

Erika Gujdova

I got the game


This a minisode #4

Geo Mantilla

It was great watching this in person. I love you James! ❤ you did a bloody great job my friend ❤ hope to see you next year!

Real Politics

The real villain in this story is pregnancy, moving away from family, doctors getting patients hooked on drugs...

Meera Sultan

Cody looks more like his dad


The chairs on the table was later blatantly stolen by the sixth sense.

Tania Thomas

They finally have 10 million subs omg ❤❤❤❤❤

Adoption is an option.

lynda proano otero

Bijuu hug me your sad


I'd kill my self

Amparo cuellar

It sounds and lokks like a horror movies at the begining right?

Courtney Neff

Who is the panda


this is worse than the original frozenDisney: hold my beer

Juan Morua

This video is 😂 also thishow many people like DuDe Perfect 👇🏻


How many takes did it take? 0:39

Happy Skwenzy ツ

26,700,000 Subs


Hit & Run had the shitties camera angles I've ever seen

Jc Lazaro

Incredible, very creative in God mode way. You just created a full movie and compressed it in less than 10 minutes

Especially the story from Dragonball Z is overused.

jesus alexander basulto guerra


Abdulla Arrabi


I will update this, 1 like = 😅

Jessicam n m Mink

uhyhhhu tricky g\\oofy smile on

Adam cole

Probably from dead ops arcade song

Amber Brantley

I haven't really noticed any comments about the video mentioning him going on a 7 MONTH MEDICAL LEAVE FROM WORK. Like, what kind of job gives that option?? Mental health care - especially anything intensive that would be helpful for something like a personality disorder - is so inaccessible. It often requires a long paper trail of hospitalization, inpatient psychiatric treatment before you can be accepted to a treatment program, and then lots of time to commit to treatment. All of those things are very expensive - yet they require time away from working (and most jobs won't wait for you to get better - especially if it takes months/years). That's not to mention that you can't just seek treatment as a "healthy individual". You have to let things get so bad that it requires expensive inpatient care before you even get access to intensive treatment. Even if you have health insurance - a hospital stay, therapy, and inpatient care are extremely expensive. And a record of mental health issues look bad to current or potential employers - not to mention that every medical provider who has access to records that suggest mental health issues will stigmatize you. (In theory, doctors don't stigmatize. In reality they do. I've worked in medical settings for years and see it affect the way a provider views their patients, as well as the treatment or assumptions they make about symptoms.)


Jezza's laugh is amazing!

Exo Skeleton

The three r’Recycle reuse re what ever it isThe three c’s Cody coby cory

As for using the anime, the movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back" fleshes out Mewtwo's backstory and personality enough to debunk that claim. The DT Mewtwo can be called the same one as in game canon. But there's no denying that the games have a different canon than the anime. So using the anime as a reference is fallacious.

Jeff Manning

His shirt is gone

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


That was awesome

Infinite Simulator Studio

who was sent here by bijuu mike

Jason Shelton

You guys are good

Cool Kid777

nice story jeff but did minutevideo tried to make jeff's story made up for veiws and is notch there even trump!!!

Ima dumbass

My dad passed away when I was 5. He was 50, and a veteran. But he had brain cancer, so yea.

Robertson Ranch

Do a texas one

Joshua Holloway

you scare me man


Ok mom and girl voices are not creepy but sad when u showed the clip

Or she will get a baby called billy


Manziel sucks now

Zero Kelvin


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