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5 Minute Quick Anxiety Reduction - Guided Mindfulness Meditation

This brief session is one of the BEST ways to reduce anxiety FAST. It uses techniques to quickly reduce feelings of anxiety and panic. Try it when you encounter these unwanted feelings, or anytime throughout the day.If you enjoyed this video, please consider a small gesture of support via Patreon: me on Twitter: note that these sessions are not a replacement for professional medical advice or therapy.

Wyatt James


RadGamerFTW _

Saints got robbed

AK 9thousand

Im gonna send this to my mom! I just follow my mom because im so so afraid of mom that i rebel against her secretly! I don't care if mom gives me food! I don't need food! I am crying! Even when still 12 i would be suicidal. Once i got a knife i would be trying to kill myself but i don't wanna be that tree in dante's inferno! Im too afraid to die but i don't wanna suffer my childhood too. I wanna graduate on colleg and after that i could live alone! All the time all i wanted was to live alone.

Dale Maynard

tilr that'seegtastick

erwin garatigue

5:48 you just said it

RoChiRan YaSaLee158 ChiDee C39

กูโครตเกลียด เวลา พวกมึงตะโกน หรือโว้ยวาย เวลาดีใจ เจ้บหัวว่ะ แต่กูชอบคลิปพวกมึง

Yenni NS

So sad :'(

Rebecca Fantasia-Sivo

Boston Red Sox all the way

The Slime Queens

The “fan” is the part owner of the warriors

Landon Rosen

Travis Kelsey

What is wrong with me ?

At school it's nearly impossible to not talk to anybody. Cuz my friends want to talk to me and it's sometimes REALLY annoying, but when I start to talk I just become an extrovert, but when I am at a place where only some people come to I don't talk at all, I wouldn't consider that an introvert cuz I don't exactly know.


rip sean, he was minding his own business, driving a vehicle, sweeping the floor, but NOOO he got hit in the crotch XD

Then i remember all the shit they have to do and im like
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