Oliver Shanti - Spirit of Budo

Szeretem Oliver Shanti zenéjét. Nagyon jól lehet rá relaxálni, meditálni vagy csak egyszerűen ellazulni, ha valaki egyátalán tud szánni magára egy kis időt ebben a rohanó világban. Ezért csináltam ezt a kis összeállítást, fogadjátok szeretettel.

Oliver Timlin


Its truly best way to end 2017. Me:Why are you holding that fire thing are you gonna burn meh

Ilgaz Kabasakaloğlu



Hi I'm new subscriber

leopard pelt newman

The best friend looks like Patten from the sanders sides

Lil Shortie

Both of my parents survived through the Salvadorean Civil War, and what they went through was harsh.


whats with the side arm?

Shilver Shot

I think my best friend has this... She always want to hang out with me and when i can't she is threatining (or how ever you spell that) other people. She is screaming around the hallways of my school, for no reason. she post fake pictures on het instagram en acts different outside of school. and I'm a person who doesn't like attention, so I don't like how she acts sometimes...

Sans Skeleton5521

Pickle rick

naomi k

Black mirror on crack lmao

dono da verdade

Que merda hein kkkk

Dailan Gonzales

Can you come to Albuquerque New Mexico so I can do a challange and win a 1,000 for my family

Alexander Mieske

You know, that Saturn and Jupiter are gas planets, right? So buying land there...


dark bomber XX

Make a song

Jacob Garza

Why does it have to be 2$

Nada Mostafa

"Well, okay, but if i send this to you, it won't leak right?"


cops love donuts

JeRe 888

Yes 2019

DJ XclusiF

Wiz Khalifa meets Juice World

Sharc Blazer

DAMN ALREADY AND I'm like "Sam just... needs a hug."

Dat potato life Fo me

My bffs mum died from heart faileru when my bff was 4 month old🥺

SecretStar_ 70

Would you rather find true love or 500000000000000000000000000000$ dollars

alan boi89

How to pick which game to play on your xbox: keep throwing the discs until one goes inside.

Delana Johnson

Halfway to 3M let's get it ATINY!!!

Rafael Petrenko


Peter the Yeeter

Poor panda


Gr8estWalter 8

Make an episode of your show, net gun fun



Michael Hutchinson


ItsEvan Time

I think the last camera man was meant to be there.


Do net gun in tricks shot

Elias Sanchez

tell us pada face or lose 10000 likes and sub in 5 4 3 2 1

Thành Vũ

14:10 wryyy

Nithin rnp

It's really amazing ❤️.... heart touching ❤️❤️😍😍


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